Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Personal Review for Bound After Midnight Anthology

When I got asked to read and review this anthology, I was curious as I haven't read a paranormal bdsm story in quite awhile. This anthology will deliver some chills, thrills and leave you breathless. Get ready for Bound After Midnight.

My Rating for Bound After Midnight: 3.5 Stars

Three hot and sexy stories set within the world of the paranormal by three of today's hottest bdsm authors. The darkness surrounds you as you try to ignore the red eyes, the feeling of being watched and as you finally succumb to the darkness, pleasure awaits in ways you only imagined. 

First up is Finding Eternity by Sascha Illyvich. When a vampire saves warrior Solan, he finds himself drawn to the beauty even as he tries to resist the desire she causes in him. All he knows is fighting but when he loses Katherine, the woman he has grown to love, he finds that life is more than fighting. It is about love, hope and more.

I got to admit, this one didn't leave me panting after it. The setting caused me to get drawn out of the story a few times with it's 'is it in the past? the future? the past again?' back and forth. Mr. Illyvich's writing is very good and the sex scenes are scorching hot. I would have loved the story more if the setting was a bit more fleshed out and stayed in one or the other. The characters are intriguing and I liked the dynamics between warrior Solan and vampire Katherine. My rating for this story: 3 stars

The next story is Cream on the Crop by Margie Church. When a politician's daughter escapes to her newly bought farm, she doesn't expect to find a ghost or desire.

I love Margie Church's stories and this one was no exception. A very sexy story, Ms. Church delivers a hero that is different from the ghosts you have seen on TV or in a book. Jamaal can take shape at any time and be solid as you and I as well. This little twist on the whole ghost haunting aspect left me eager to read more. My rating for this story: 3 stars

Finally we have Bonni Sansom’s Hunter’s Bounty. Vampire Lana is tasked to finding Devon’s sister and in the process finds a man who she can fall in love with, if she just let’s herself believe in it again.

This was an author I haven't tried before and I have to admit, her story was my favorite out of them all. A vampire tasked with finding a man's sister who was taken by a coven of vampires, steamy desire and more are all within the pages that leaves the reader eager for more after the last page is read. My rating for this story: 3.5 stars

Overall, all three stories compliment one another in varying degrees and though a story may miss for me loving it completely, I enjoyed all three stories immensley. Now I need to go jump in a cold shower to cool down.

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Margie Church said...

Dawn, Thank you. It's always a pleasure to be reviewed by you. Cream on the Crop will be turned into a full novel this year.

Bonni S. said...

Thank you, Dawn. I enjoyed writing Hunter's Bounty and I'm certainly flattered you loved it. Thanks again for writing a review.

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