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Welcome Sage Marlow

Welcome to my Reading Nook, Sage Marlowe. Please make yourself at home and let my cabana boys/girls get you a drink.

Comfortable? Wonderful. Now let’s get started.

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out? 

Hi all, I’m delighted to be here today. Thank you, Dawn, for having me. Mmm, this drink is delicious. Long time since I’ve had cocktails.
My upcoming release is the highly anticipated third book in the Romeo & Julian series. The series is about Romeo, a slick art thief-turned-FBI consultant and Julian, the agent who gets to work with him. These two have great chemistry between them and their cat-and-mouse play in and out of bed is a delight to observe.
The new book is titled A Life as a Ghost and will solve most of the threads readers are waiting for. It releases on March 2nd and should be available for pre-order right now.

How would you describe yourself using only five words? 

Nerdy book addict with attitude

If you could write a warning label for yourself as a person or an author, what would it say? 

Don’t mess with me. I may come across as na├»ve, but I realize pretty quickly when people aren’t honest with me and I despise dishonesty.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

Too much wine, too much food…

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you. 

I’m actually very shy and awkward around people. If I could I’d be hiding in my writing cave all day long. Not sure if that really comes as a surprise, but one of my friends laughed out loud when she read that statement elsewhere.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

My heart is torn between London, UK, and Texas.

How do you get yourself in the mood to write? 

It doesn’t usually take more than opening a file.

Can you share with us your typical writing day.  Is there anything you have to have while writing? 

I don’t have a typical writing day as such. I have to cram in my writing sessions whenever I find the time, which means I sometimes scribble away at five in the morning in bed or in a doctor’s waiting room at four in the afternoon. Most of the work gets done in the evenings though. Other than my laptop or trusty phone I don’t need anything while writing, although music usually is a great accessory.

Who are some of your favorite authors? 

Oh dear, I’m never comfortable picking favorites because there are so many fabulous authors out there and loads whose work I have yet to discover. Some authors whose work I like are, in no particular order, Harper Fox, S.A. Meade, Ally Blue, TA Chase and Josh Lanyon.

What is in your To Read Pile that you are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for? 

Huh, don’t make me look at that list now or chances are we’ll never finish this interview. Of the top of my head, I’d say the book I most want to read is Harper Fox’s upcoming release.

Is there something special you do to celebrate when one of your books is released? 

Sadly, I don’t usually have the time for any celebrations as I’m either juggling my alter ego’s life or cooking up the next saucy story.

Do you have a favorite TV show you can't miss? 

I’m addicted to White Collar and can’t wait to get my hands on the next season. Is it out yet? Hmm, have to check.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why-no it doesn't have to be from your books?

Is this a sneaky way to make me pick a favorite again? Hmm. No idea. I’m afraid that once I start going down that road, it can only end in polyamory.

What is the strangest source of writing inspiration you’ve ever had?

The first ever character I’ve written, Finn. He turned up in my bedroom in the middle of the night and just wouldn’t quit. He even made me say parts of his story out loud and kept pestering me until I wrote down his story. The book isn’t published yet, but is likely to be one of my projects for this year.

If your muse were to talk behind your back, what secrets would he/she tell?

Actually, I’m far too afraid to ask him. I guess he might say that I occasionally conk out while writing on my phone late at night. Ahem. That’s a bad habit, because I sometimes wake up with my finger on the backspace-key which is not a nice thing to happen, believe me.

Anything else you want to add?

I can often be found fooling around on Facebook:
It’s a great place to find out more about me and I’m often around to chat, so if you ever have a question or comment about a book, music, coffee or whatever, you’re welcome to chat me up. No need to be shy and please don’t think I’m too busy or just don’t care. I’m not and I do. I’ve spent over a year in my writing cave and I’m telling you, it’s lonely in there. I enjoy a nice talk as much as the next guy and some readers have become good friends.
Of course you can also send me an e-mail: marlowe.sage (at)
visit my website / blog
follow me on Twitter: @SageMarlowe
and find me on Goodreads:
You can find my books on
Amazon:, Barnes and Noble, All Romance ebooks and several other distributors.
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I religiously answer every e-mail. It might take a day or two depending on my workload and different time zones, but you’ll hear back from me. Promise ;)

A Life as a Ghost (Romeo & Julian 3)
MM erotic romance, contemporary, action / suspense. Novella
Heat level: scorching
Published by: Siren-BookStrand

After leading a life as a ghost for years, will former thief Romeo’s love for FBI agent Julian be enough to make him settle?

The tragic losses of his home and a dear one take FBI agent Julian Harris one step closer to a shared life with his consultant and lover, former art thief Romeo aka Paris Moore. They have just moved in together and are trying to re-establish a certain normalcy when Romeo once again shuffles the cards. He surprises Julian by finally revealing some information about his true identity along with some unexpected news regarding his position in Julian's division.
During the nerve-wrecking hunt for the person that has been pulling the strings all along, Julian once again comes to realise that when dealing with Romeo, the only certainty is that all is not as it seems. But one question is more important than ever—after leading a life as a ghost for years, will Romeo’s love for Julian be strong enough to make him settle at last?


“Are you sure about this?” Julian stared at the lump of cold, dead flesh in front of him.
Eyebrows raised and lips curled into his typical half-smile, Romeo turned his head. “Sure. Why not?”
“Just…Oh, I don’t know.”
“Baby, don’t tell me you’ve never had a decent filet mignon in your life.”
“I have.”
Wrinkling his nose, Julian tried to remember. “Joe’s Steakhouse. Yes, that must have been the best.”
“Joe’s Steakhouse?” Romeo’s eyebrows were still raised, but the shine of amusement had vanished and he looked faintly disgusted. “Indeed, you never had a decent filet mignon in your life,” he concluded and shifted his attention back to the meat.
Julian was about to protest, but watching his lover carefully slice and flatten the meat, he understood. This wasn’t about food. This was Romeo’s way of providing distraction, of keeping them busy and giving them something to talk about beyond the obvious.
“Could you be a darling and chop up those tomatoes?” Romeo’s usually so faint accent revealed itself on the last word, the distinct vowel. It had become stronger the day before, during those dreary hours in the afternoon and evening, when Romeo had done his best to see Julian through the trauma of losing his home and a dear person along with it.
“Sure. Knife?” Julian asked, playing along.
“Top drawer, to your left. Be careful, it’s really sharp.”
Julian was just about to make the appropriate comment to that when he realized that, indeed, the knife was sharp. It sliced through the tomato as if it were butter, leaving it parted neatly. “Wow. You weren’t lying.”
“Told you, I never lie to you,” Romeo said softly. He’d moved to stand behind Julian. Leaning in, he breathed a kiss on his neck.
“Charmer,” Julian scolded, but he twisted for a proper kiss.
“Nn-nn. It’s true.”
Julian watched his lover for a moment after he’d pulled back from the kiss, thinking. “Romeo?”
“Who are you? Really, I mean? And please don’t give me any of the ‘I’m your consultant’ blah-blah again, okay?”
“Ah, Jules,” Romeo sighed and shook his head. “You worry too much, baby.”
“That’s not the answer to my question.”
Romeo turned back to him, stopped right in front of him, head tilted and lips parted. “No,” he agreed. “No, it’s not. You want to know who I am?”
Romeo slid his arms around Julian’s neck and pulled him down until their foreheads touched. “I’m the man who risks a lot to be with you.” He kissed Julian with tender determination. “I’m the man who stands by you, no matter what happens.” He kissed Julian again, more urgently this time. “But above all, I’m the man who loves you, Julian. Don’t ever forget that.”
His lips were soft and inviting, luring Julian on to drop his questions, just like so many times before. “Are you trying to distract me?”
Romeo grinned. “Is it working?”
“Hmm, not sure. Kiss me again, and I’ll let you know.”


Sage Marlowe said...

Hi Dawn, thanks so much for having me today!

Donna Gallagher said...

Yes Yes Yes! Finally, I can't wait to read it. And no, I'm not hurt that you never list Australia...

Great Interview Sage and Dawn.

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