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Under the Covers with Cynthia Sax and her hero, Khan

Please give a warm welcome to Khan from Warlord’s Bounty by Cynthia Sax today as we sit down and see what makes him tick.

Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?

(drawls) I’m the Warlord of Chamele 2, the best planet in the known universes. I’m in everyone’s crosshairs. (crosses massive arms, his biceps bulging) Some of my extremely foolish enemies have placed bounties on my head. (snorts) As though a bounty hunter could capture me if I didn’t want to be captured.

Q: What was it that drew you to your mate?

I wanted to be captured. (lips twitch) Zeta, my tiny human mate, is one of the best bounty hunters in existence. (black eyes gleam with pride) With her unknowing assistance, I’ll defeat my greatest enemy and restore peace to the Chamele system.

Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner(s)?

Our first rutting was upon a flat rock on the arid, desert planet of Chamele 4. (grin spreads across his scarred face) The planet is as fierce and strong as my mate.

Q: Boxers, briefs or Commando on a man?

(tilts head) Is the need for excessive undergarments a quaint Earth custom? I prefer to be nude. It’s the Chamele way, allowing us to become completely invisible. To preserve my mate’s modesty, I wear black leather leg coverings.

Q: If your partner wants to seduce you, what's one sure fire trick he/she can play?

I’m a warrior. Nothing stirs my blood like battle, whether physical, verbal, or sexual. My mate fights me at every turn, giving me the challenge I crave.

Q: What is the one place on your partner's body that you know will drive them wild-in and out of bed?

Fixing my mate’s unruly curls sooths her, making her feel cherished, cared for, loved. Grabbing her hair makes our rutting wild, bringing out the primitive lover in her.

Q: What was one of the most embarrassing thing your author did to you in Warlord’s Bounty?

I allowed myself to be restrained in front of my younger brother’s warriors. They, foolish males, laughed at me, mocking my condition. It is considered shameful to be captured by a small female bounty hunter. (lips curl upward) But there were benefits, many sexy benefits, and it was a required step in the plan to defeat our enemy.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Duplicity isn’t a warrior skill. My older brother considered it necessary to defeat the enemy. My plan would have been more… ummm… brutally honest. (claws extend from his hands)

Thank you Khan for joining us on 'Meet the Character' day here at Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog. Please find Warlord’s Bounty by Cynthia Sax at Ellora’s Cave.

Teaser of Warrior's Bounty by Cynthia Sax
Ellora's Cave
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Genre: SciFi Erotic Romance

The bigger the bounty, the more dangerous the fugitive. 

Khan, a Chamele warlord, has a huge bounty on his head. His enemy is willing to pay an outrageous amount to secure him. Khan wants to be apprehended, especially if the bounty hunter capturing him is a brown-eyed female with razor-sharp daggers and an even sharper tongue. He’ll allow her to subdue him sexually, his passion and prowess not inhibited by restraints, and when she collects her bounty, he’ll collect his revenge, killing his enemy and claiming his little bounty hunter forever. 

Zeta doesn’t do forever. She captures the worst scum in the galaxy and trades them for credits. Khan is fierce and sexy and the most dominant male she has ever encountered, but he is also a fugitive, and once she sates herself with his body, she’ll betray him. It is her job.


“No thief, no bounty and now, one less dagger.” She kicked a large red boulder, its varying shades of color delineating centuries of soil settlement. “This day couldn’t get any worse.” Zeta sheathed her remaining dagger, disgusted by her failure.
“It could have been worse. You could have been eaten by the rock vulture.”
Him again. “Is that what happened to you?” She cocked her head, her hair sliding over her shoulders, hanging loose, her fastener also lost during the assault. “Are you a spirit, destined to walk the sands of Chamele 4, warning others of your mistake?”
“I’m no spirit, little hunter. And I don’t make mistakes.” A muscled form materialized from the nearby wall of rock, his skin turning from red to tan, his long hair darkening to black. He was dauntingly large, his biceps huge and defined, his broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and then disappearing into nothing.
“You have no legs.” Zeta frowned, meeting his midnight gaze, his face as hard as the stone he faded into. “What are you?”
His lips quirked upward. “I have legs.” A long silver scar slashed down his cheek from his left eye to the corner of his mouth. “My invisibility, as you call it, is for your benefit. I’m in hunting mode and Chameles hunt naked.” He spread his fingers and long, deadly claws extended from his knuckles.
“Oh.” Zeta’s face heated, the urge to see him, all of him, tremendous. Is he as big all over? A pulse throbbed deep in her womb, her starved sex drive demanding her attention, too much of her life spent alone, untouched, emotionally safe.
I don’t need him. She bit the inside of her cheek, smothering her arousal with pain. I don’t need anyone.
He breathed deeply, his nostrils flaring, his chest rising and falling, the sun’s rays casting shadows over his muscles. “This isn’t the time nor place for rutting, gerel.” His dark eyes glittered. “The rock vulture is a vengeful creature. She’ll return.”
Zeta instinctively stepped closer, drawn to him. “She’ll return with my dagger.”

Author Bio and links:

Cynthia Sax lives in a world where demons aren’t all bad, angels aren’t all good, and magic happens every single day. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you”, they will do anything for the women they love. They live passionately. They fight fiercely. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

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