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LR Cafe's Best of 2012 Award Nominees

Best Paranormal/Fantasy Book
Finding Release by Silvia Violet
Unholy Alliance by DN Simmons
Deep Blues Goodbye by TA Webb & LE Harner
An Elf for all Centuries by SA Garcia (Silver)
A Wizard and the Werewolf by Amber Kell (Silver)
How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren (Carina)
Josh of the Damned Triple Feature #1 by Andrea Speed (Riptide)
How to NOT date a bear by Stephanie Burke (Changeling)
Genesis Queen by Gracen Miller (Decadent)
Four GI’s and a Witch by Cheryl Dragon (Changeling)
A Very Marius Christmas by Joyee Flynn (Siren)
Rogue’s Pawn by Jeffe Kennedy (Carina)

Best Book of 2012
Unholy Alliance by DN Simmons
An Isolated Range by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Deep Blues Goodbye by TA Webb & LE Harner
Beginning Again by Freddy Mackay (Silver)
Who We Are by TJ Klune (Dreamspinner Press)
Krewe Daddy by Margie Church (Noble Romance)
Not That Type of Guy by Sara York
Sugar Girl by Nicole Austin (Decadent)
Coriolis 1: Distress Signals by Mychael Black (Changeling)
The Last of Pyr of Eden by Chacelyn Pierce
Arcadia 2: Silver/Steel by Belinda McBride (loose Id)
Moonlight & Mechanicals by Cindy Spencer Pape (Carina)
Shattered Magic by Rebecca York (Carina)

Best GBLT Book
Hoofin’ It to the Alter by Silvia Violet (Protect & Serve Multi-Author series)
Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner)
Second Chances by TA Webb (Creamspinner)
Where Nerves End by LA Witt (Amber Allure)
An Elf for all Centuries by SA Garcia (Silver)
Hope by William Neale (MLR Press)
King Perry by Edmond Manning (Dreamspinner)
Fan-Tastic by Stephanie Hecht (Total E-bound)
Saint’s Curse: Luke by Lee Brazil (Breathless Press)
Men of Smithfield: Adam & Holden by LB Gregg (Carina)

Best Contemporary Book
Second Chances by TA Webb (Dreamspinner)
Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner)
Against the Night by Kat Martin
Friends with Benefits by Jennifer LaBelle (Decadent)
Where Azalea’s Bloom by Sherryl Woods
Deceiving the Witch Next Door by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez (Entangled)
The Talker Collection by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner)
King Perry by Edmond Manning (Dreamspinner)
My Lieutenant 2: In His Arms by BL Morticia (Rebel Ink)
Say Yes by Regina Carlysle
The Lawman’s Librarian by Rebecca Brochu (Evernight)
Forget the Mistletoe by Lizze T. Leaf (Musa)
Taming Angelina by Helen Hardt (Musa)

Best Historical Romance Book
How to be a Proper Lady by Katherine Ashe
Bound by His Kiss by Catherine Kean
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dicken and Em Woods (Total E-bound)
Love’s Wine by Patricia Hagen (Samhain)
The Imposter by  Lily Grace (Samhain)
The Devil You Know by Victoria Vane (Breathless Press)
The Gypsy and the Widow by Juliet Chastain (Breathless Press)
Alexios’ Fate by Kayla Jameth (Breathless Press)
The League of Illusion: Legacy by Vivi Anna (Carina)
Cruel Numbers by Christopher Beats (Carina)

Best BDSM Book
Laid Open by Lauren Dane
Assumed Calling by Lila Munro (Rebel Ink)
Sweet Addiction by Maya Banks
Shibari Auction House: Ben by Sean Michael (Changeling)
On Becoming His by Cassandra Dayne
The Kinky Truth 2: Permanent Marker by Angel Payne (Loose Id)
The Vampire Plaything by Ashlynn Monroe
Wild Thunder by Kacey Hammell
Forever Wicked: Rose Red by Michelle Hasker (Changeling)
Re-Submission by Sage Marlow (Total E-bound)
Made for Him by Desiree Holt (Total E-bound)
Betrayed by DC Juris (Breathless Press)
Entranced: A Power Up! Story by Marie Harte (Loose Id)
Blackout: Invitation by Cassandra Dayne (Rebel Ink)
Catriona’s Golden Angel by Clair de Lune (Siren)
Broken Bonds by Lex Valentine (Winterheart Books)

Best Mystery/ Suspense/Thriller Book
Against the Night by Kat Martin
Delusion In Death by JD Robb
Continental Divide by Lisa Worrall & LE Harner
Cheeky Blonde by Liz Crowe (Decadent)
Fractured Paradise by Alexa Bourne
All for a Dead Man’s Leg by R. Ann Sircusa (Breathless Press)
Out to Protect by Amber Skyze (Loose Id)
Flesh Cartel 1: Captured by Rachel Haimowitz  (Riptide)

Best Author of 2012
Laura Harner
Tara Lain
Margie Church
Andrew Grey
Cassandra Dayne
Cherise Sinclair
Jennifer LaBelle
Sandy Sullivan
LA Witt
Ashlynn Monroe
Liz Crowe
Gracen Miller
Ann Mayburn
Megan Slayer
Desiree Holt
Victoria Vane

Best GBLT Author
Silvia Violet
Hank Edwards
TA Webb
Elizabeth Noble
TJ Klune
Dianne Hartsock
Lee Brazil
Karenna Colcroft
Andrew Grey
Andrea Speed
Amy Lane
BL Morticia
Em Woods
Jamie Samms
Stephanie Hecht
Amber Kell
LA Witt
Marie Sexton

Best Cover of 2012
Finding Release by Silvia Violet (Cover Artist: Bitter Creek Art)
Where Nerves End by LA Witt (Amber Allure/Cover Artist: )
Unconditional Love by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner/Cover Artist: )
The Talker Collection by Amy Lane (Dreamspinner/Cover Artist: )
Sizzling Winter Nights: New York by Cassandra Dayne (Rebel Ink/Cover Artist: )
Genesis Queen by Gracen Miller (Decadent/Cover Artist: Mina Carter)
Demon Wars: Dancing for her Demon by Cynthia Sax (Changeling/Cover artist: )
Once Upon a Dragon by Dawn Montgomery (Changeling/Cover Artist:  )
Now or Never by Isabella Drake (Cover Artist: Posh Gosh/Total E-bound)
All the King’s Horses by Lauren Gallagher (Samhain/Cover Artist: Kanaxa)
Maiden and the Lion by Lizzie Lynn Lee (Total E-bound/Cover Artist: Posh Gosh)
Geoff’s Teddy by Havan Fellows (Breathless Press/Cover Artist: )
For Love of a Gypsy Lass by Juliet Chastain (Breathless Press/Cover Artist: )
The Kinky Truth 2: Permanent Marker by Angel Payne (Loose Id/Cover Artist: Unknown)
Sucking Santa’s Candy Cane by Angelina Rain (Evernight/Cover artist unknown)
The Best Thing by Jaci Burton (Carina Press/Cover Artist unknown)
Sky Riders by Fae Sutherland (Carina)

Best e-Publisher 2012
Changeling Press
Decadent Publishing
Riptide Publishing
Breathless Press
Secret Cravings/Sweet Cravings Publishing
Samhain Publishing
Total E-bound
Lyrical Press
Rebel Ink Press
Etopia Publsihing
Dreamspinner Press
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Loose Id
Carina Press
Musa Publishing
MLR Press

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic/Dystopian Book
Never Gonna Let You Go by Jessica E. Subject
Aftermath by Ann Aguirre
Wolfsblood 4: Savage Wolf by Marteeka Karland (Changeling)
Avenger by Jambrea Jo Jones (Total E-bound)
When Good Toys Go Bad by Debbie Cario (Samhain)
Ricochet by Sandra Sookoo (Samhain)
Dragon Magic by Karly Maddison (Siren)
Stellernet Rebel by JL Hilton (Carina)
Undercover Alliance by Lily Cain (Carina)
2012: The Rising by JoAnne Hirise (Musa)

Best Western/Cowboys Book
An Isolated Range by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner)
Connor’s Courage by SJD Peterson (Dreamspinner)
Luke’s Present by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner)
The Marine Cowboy by Heather Long (Decadent)
All the Horses by Lauren Gallagher (Samhain)
Boots and Bareback by Myla Jackson (Samhain)
The Texas Rebel by Rebecca Joyce (Siren)
Fencing You In by Cheyenne McCray (Pink Zebra Publsihing)
Wild West Hauntings by CR Moss & RM Sotera (Evernight)

Best Ménage Book
(any combination as long as it’s three or more people in the relationship)
Conquering Venus by Maria Moonstar & Azura Blue (Decadent)
Princess Gone Wild by SL Carpenter & Sahara Kelly (Decadent)
With a Cherry on Top by Lynne Stark (Siren)
Welcome to the Neighborhood by Dirk Taylor & Kameron Brook (Changeling)
The Chosen: Release of Bres by Shara Azod (Changeling)
Clifford Arbot: Savoring Emily by Sam Crescent (Rebel Ink)
Commando Cowboys find their Desire by Paige Cameron (Siren)

Best Anthology Book
Doing the Naughty List Twice anthology by Cassandra Dayne, Elizabeth Lister, Jill Boyd, Eden Connor, Rowan Elizabeth, Willow Leigh, Kendal Davi, DaddyXmas,
The Call of Duty Anthology by Jean Joachim, Lacie Nation, DF Krieger, Jackie M. Smith & Sandy Sullivan (Secret Cravings)
Blood Bar Chronicles: The Alphas by Jorja Lovett, Cherie Nicholls, Doris O’Connor
Arya Grey (Breathless Press)
Winter Heat: Erotic Stories to warm your Heart anthology by Daniel B. Johns, Julie Lynn Hayes, Kimber Khan, CR Guiliano, Patricia Logan, Donya Lynne, Ike Rose, TA Webb, AJ Llewellyn & Serena Yates, Sara York (Sara York Publishing)

Best Series All Around (can be multi-author or single author)
Morning Report Series by Sue Brown (Dreamspinner Press)
Stories from the Range Series by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Tucker Springs Series by LA Witt, Marie Sexton, et al (Amber Quill/Riptide Publishing)
Mixed Mates Series by Amber Kell
By Fire Series by Andrew Grey (Dreamspinner Press)
Josh of the Damned Series by Andrea Speed (Riptide Publishing)
The Iron Fey Series by Julia Kagawa
Dirty Little Lunches Series by Cassandra Dayne (Rebel Ink)
Road to Hell Series by Gracen Miller
The DeVere Series by Victoria Vane (Breathless Press)
Truth or Dare Series by Lee Brazil (Breathless Press)

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