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A: It's beginning to look a lot like la la la laaaaa. (Sings.)
Z: Also beginning to look lot like our new release CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL is up at
A: Whoo...hoo!
Z: With that said, let's give our readers another excerpt.
A: You are such a wise man. 
Z: Although not one of the original three, but I will be bearing gifts very, very soon.
Z: Then I have the perfect excerpt to share with our readers!
A: Btw, do you have any flour or do we have to go to my house?


About the story:

Resisting the fervent advances of Luke Calico while snowbound isn’t Anya’s only problem, she must also hide from the malicious preacher wishing to harness her power while withstanding the demonic spirit trying to lure her soul.

Excerpt: 2

“I see said the carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw. My mutt decided to make your acquaintance. Did he push you into the tree?” His words gushed apologetically.


“Smokey can be too big and too playful.” He turned to hisdog. “Bad puppy.”

The dog walked away.“At least he wasn’t a bear,” she rationalized.

Luke grinned. “If he keeps growing, he might end up resembling one.”

She glanced at Smokey, who picked up a squeaky toy and laid it next to her hand. “He’s apologizing?”

“Guilt's instinctual in our family.”

“The greeting with the tree may need some work, huh?”

“The lesson on trees only included sniffing and...”

Interrupting, she held up a hand. “Far too much info.”


“The lecture regarding dogs and their potty habits, I'll pass.”

He grinned.


“We’re in the presence of children.” A serious lilt tinted hertone, it being obscure humor but her intoxicating smile gave way to his feigned mirth.

Her smile tugged at the shield about his heart. He turned from it the way a warrior would execute a defensive block.

“How did you get into my cabin?” She glanced about as if looking for points of entry she might have previously missed. “I swore I locked the door when I went out.”

“Your cabin?” He stiffened.

“It’s sort of mine. I’m house sitting.”

“Excuse me?”

“House sitting for Nina Calico. I assume you know her.” She pointed at the picture. “I mean, you have to be a neighbor. How else would you have found me?”

“Nuni!” he growled. “Nina...Nuni...Nina...Nuni.” His eyes exploded as if the whites wanted to crush their irises.

“Huh?” she reacted a little uncomfortably, sensing a change in his demeanor.

“You know Nuni, do you?”

“She's was so sweet at a time I needed her.”

“I'm Luke.”


“To put a sharper point on it, I'm Luke Calico and this is my home.”


“Nina is my Nuni.”


“And you are my grandmother's surprise.

Not knowing exactly what to do she raised her arms.


“You mean to tell me that you are my grandmother's surprise?”

“I’m what?”

Luke spread one hand out toward his pets. “My Nuni, your Nina, thinks I need companionship and has provided me with all these dear pets as friends, but she has gone too far this time. Gaa, you’re a person.”


“My yenta of a grandmother has struck with her peculiar sense of love.”

“What are you talking about?”

“She has aligned each of our stars to collide.”


“My Nuni believes herself to a grand matchmaker.” He grimaced. “Sorry, Nuni, I love you.”

“I’m not following. Are you saying you are not privy to Nina’s plans?”

“Never. Let me please repeat, never! No one is. I mean, she found a medical book and started diagnosing everyone. My Nuni, I love her, has a tinge of wacky about her. And she does it all out of love.” He looked at Anya trying to coax her approval of his point.

As if in tune to the conversation, Baby provided an explanation. “Pretty girl.”

They both stared at the bird then back at each other.

“Your grandmother pimped me out?”


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