Thursday, November 29, 2012


erotica with D/s elements
Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

Part 5

           Again, he consumed my nether regions with a belligerence that verged on insanity.  I begged to come.  He ignored my pleas for endless minutes.  Then, he backed away once more.  I heard the rustle of a bag and then a whoosh through the air.  I didn't know what to expect, but the sting of leather on my thigh wasn't it at all.  I gasped loudly, and formed the word, "No,"  Only, it never left my mouth for my other thigh received an even harder swat.  I yelped like a lost puppy, and began to struggle against my bonds, trying to flee that torturous flogger.  The thought to protest kept entering my brain, but the soft yet stinging flogger kept stealing the words from my mouth.  It attacked my buns, my nether lips, my breasts, my nipples, pounding my flesh just enough to burn and torment, but not enough to bruise only redden, only sting a bit, only enflame.  The torment lasted forever, making me soar past thought into a state of pure emotion, endless sensation.  At the instant I couldn't bear another moment, it stopped, leaving me panting and sobbing, but then kisses followed, sweet, tender kisses over all the tender spots.
"Now," he whispered softly as he unfastened my ankle cuffs and cupped my buns in his strong hands.  Before I realize what he had intended, he thrust his rigid manhood into me.  I cried out with both intensity and pleasure.  He rammed into me over and over and my screams for release blended with the ocean wind and cries of seagulls. 
            His manhood grew harder with each thrust, more determined, until I knew his own satisfaction was near.  Suddenly, my blindfold fell away.  The dimming light of the day swirled around me and I couldn’t see anything at first, but then I met his eyes, the granite-gray eyes of Chase.   He plunged into me once more and said simply, for the second time.  “Now.”
            My body shuddered with an acute explosion that made every part of me throb with total release and the full acknowledgement of my love.  It sent me toppling again and again into a universe of sexuality and emotion. 
            “I love you… I love you… ” I whispered as each contraction send a fresh, tight, tremor through my core.
            I felt his warmth gush inside me, warming me thoroughly, chasing away any lingering chill from the ice.  His swollen heat throbbed in harmony with my own endless pulsation.
            With my legs wrapped around his waist, he unlocked my cuffs and held me close, my head tucked against his neck.  His breath rushed passed my ear as he whispered softly.  “I love you, too, little one.”
            Afterwards, he carried me to a plush sofa and held me for long, endless minutes.
            “I thought I lost you,” I muttered against his chest.
            “You had me from day one, Gia.  I just couldn’t get you to see it.” He ran his hands over my naked form and I shivered.  He grinned.  “You’re so damn responsive, girl.  From the instant we met you responded to me, becoming mine more and more as each day passed, yet you kept fighting it.  If Mother Agnes didn’t finally tell me what that jerk did to you and the outcome, I would have continued to work at that blasted convent for free until I could reach you.”
            “She told you?  When?”
            “The day after you followed me.  I figured you weren’t going to confide in me so I had to go digging.  Once I knew the truth, I knew there was only one way to show you I meant to have you and to keep you.”
            “Wasn’t abducting me a bit drastic?”
            “I figured it was the only thing that would break through those damnable barriers of yours.”
            “It could have backfired.”
            His mouth crushed hers and she responded with total abandon.  He pulled his mouth away slowly, his eyes sparkling.  “That, little one, is why I knew it wouldn’t backfire.”
            I gasped.  “But… but what about your girlfriend?”
            “Girlfriend?  What girlfriend?”
            “In the restaurant.  The girl knelt before you and…”
            He shook his head.  “She was never my girlfriend.  She simply wanted my collar, but I had no intention of giving anyone my collar or an offer of marriage except for you.”
            He grinned and kissed me again, then again.  “I’m never letting you go, girl.  I want every kind of bonding that is possible.  Now, hush up, so I can get my fill of you.”
            Passion jettisoned through her.  Her body trembled under his roving hands.  “Yes,” she whispered.  “Oh yes, I’ll marry you.”
            He toppled her to the couch and laughed softly.  “As if you have any say in this, any longer.  Don’t forget, you’re my captive.”
            She smiled.  “A very willing captive, my love.”
            He plunged into her moist heat, this time making love slowly, methodically until she whimpered with release and moaned with contentment.  Long minutes later, still entwined, she uttered in confusion.  “What’s a collar?”
            He looked down at her.  “That is something we’ll discuss another day.  For you see, little one, you are about to enter a whole new world and you will never have to worry about being abandoned again.”



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