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Welcome Guest Author Tara Lain today

Thank you so much to Dawn for inviting me today. I love visiting the Nook. I’m celebrating the release of my new MM paranormal romance called Brush with Catastrophe. This book is the second of the Aloysius Tales and is the sequel to the very popular Spell Cat.  The book has been out just long enough for me to have a number of reactions from readers and reviewers and it leads me to think about sequels. Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Sequels are good for authors. After all, what could be better than having readers panting for your next book? But the problem, of course, is that readers fall in love with the characters in one book and want more of the same--not necessarily another story! Sometimes one book in a series will have a unique magic and all others pale by comparison. Think of Lynn Lorenz’s amazing Edward Unconditionally which, I believe, is the third in a wonderful series. But after reading Edward it’s hard to remember the other books. A lot of people feel that way about my book, Fire Balls. It’s got a high concept and magic combo that is tough to beat. (Although I personally think my new book coming Dec 7th, Snow Balls, will give it a run for its money.)

Some sequels tell another story about the same characters. Such sequels are very hard to sustain. I did it in Genetic Attraction and the Scientist and the Supermodel. After all, we had to know how the two men fell in love and that story worked. But usually, writing another story about the same characters in a romance is very challenging because the lovers have had their HEA. Unless you snatch it away from them which I find very unsatisfying, then you often don’t have a story. It’s better to write a new romance about different characters in the same environment and bring in some of the characters from your previous stories. That kind of sequel can be sustained as long as readers enjoy it. That is the case with Brush with Catastrophe. The heroes are two minor characters from Spell Cat. Sammy, my artist witch, is very different from my hero, Killian Barth, in Spell Cat. Some people love Sammy more--his shy, unassuming power. Others adore the more flashy Killian as their one love. But I hope you enjoy this story of a witch who thinks his powers are pretty crappy--who has to save the world.

Below is an excerpt from Brush with Catastrophe. You decide.  :  )

Excerpt R: Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain; MM Paranormal with Witches!
Available from Loose Id   Amazon  ARe

College art student Sammy Raphael is a crappy witch. And he can’t get a boyfriend. Sammy’s had a passion for his BFF, Ryder McMasters, for years, but Ryder is straight and human. Talk about hopeless causes! And where other supernaturals can bring down lightning and manifest wealth, all Sammy can do is paint. True, the “prophetic” paintings he does at night always come true, but they never predict anything important -- until he paints a picture of a gorgeous man who turns out to be Ryder but so changed he’s barely recognizable. Then Sammy paints an angel --who turns out to be a devil that threatens Sammy’s community and the man he loves. With the black cat familiar, Aloysius, at his side Sammy steps up to save the world--with a paint brush.

Sammy sank to the floor in front of the easel, and Aloysius came over and started licking his hand. It felt like someone had stuck a butter knife in his heart and was turning it slowly.

“What the hells just happened?”


Sammy hung his head between his bent legs. “Why did he come here? He could have warned me at school. Why did he care for me and sleep with me? Oh gods, Al, why did he hold me?” Heat pressed behind his eyes. “I never wanted anyone else. Not even Lucien. Even if Lucien had been the most faithful boyfriend on earth, I didn’t really want him. I’ve always wanted Ryder, and that passion is stupid and useless like everything. And now he’s made it worse.” Sammy collapsed on his back, holding his stomach. “Why did he do it? Why did Ryder—”

The front door flew open with a crash against the wall, and in two steps Ryder stood in the middle of the room. “Am I beautiful to you? Am I, Sammy?”

Sammy sat up. He couldn’t catch his breath. “Yes. You always have been.”

Ryder stared at Sammy, his green eyes like emerald lasers. In a big step, he cleared the space between them, reached down for Sammy, and pulled him to his feet. “Good, because I’m sick of pretending you’re not beautiful to me.” And he dropped his head and covered Sammy’s mouth with his perfect lips.

Was this happening? Sammy’s mouth was so far open in astonishment that Ryder’s tongue slipped right in. Did the guy know what he was doing? Had he lost his friggin’ mind? Did Sammy care? Hells, no. He wrapped his arms around Ryder’s neck and sucked that sweet tongue into his throat. No strawberries. Just Ryder deliciousness. His new favorite flavor.
Somewhere in the background, Aloysius began to purr so loudly the neighbors must have heard him.

Sammy’s tongue danced with Ryder’s. The man really knew how to kiss, but the idea that it was Ryder practically made Sammy faint. His cock stood at full attention, but he tried to keep his hips away from Ryder. Didn’t want to scare the guy.

Until Ryder’s strong hands gripped Sammy’s butt and pulled him tight against a rigid pole in his jeans. Oh yeah, that was the cock Sammy had tried so hard not to feel last night. But now he’d gotten a full-on invitation. He raised a leg and hooked it over Ryder’s hip to get closer. Ryder grabbed his calf and pulled Sammy even tighter until the ridges of the cocks in their pants were rubbing together hard and hot. Sammy pulled his head away from the kiss. “Is this really happening?”

Ryder pressed his lips against Sammy’s ear. “Believe it. I could barely keep my cock out of your ass last night. I wanted to fuck you so bad I was hard all night.”

“I thought you were sleeping.”

“No, dreaming of pushing my dick inside you. Can I, Sammy? Can I?”

“How fast can we get to the bed?”

Ryder picked Sammy up. “Last night I was practicing.” He laughed. It only took a few steps to get to the bed. Ryder laid his burden gently on the straightened covers, unfastened Sammy’s fly, and dragged the jeans down his hips. Then he stopped and stared. “I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long. Seeing your cock.”

“You saw it last night.”

“But I didn’t think I could have it then.”

Sammy’s head was going to explode. “I had no idea you wanted it. Aren’t you straight?”

Ryder grinned. “Never.”

“Then why in hell have you been drooling over every pair of tits in New York?”
“It’s complicated. Can I fuck you now and explain later? My cock hurts.”

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AJ said...
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AJ said...

darn copy/paste... lol

Here is the comment I meant to post. lol

I love sequels on books. Usually I have so many questions after book 1, or there is a particular character in the book that I would love to see more of in the future and sequels always give the author the opportunity to maybe revisit characters they love, but don't have a story for...yet.

Can't wait to read it!


cdescoteauxwrites said...

I'm for sequels in general, especially if they follow people from earlier books who weren't necessarily the main characters but were so cool I wanted to know them better. I agree about taking away an HEA, though. Unless it comes naturally from the characters & what we already know about them it just doesn't work for me.

Nice excerpt! I'll have to move this one up my TBR list! :)

Tara Lain said...

Hi AJ, hi Charley-- Thank you both so much for coming by. Hope you both enjoy it! : )

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