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My Personal Review for Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey

Andrew Grey has become one of my favorite M/M authors to read. He pushes his boundaries with each story and in his latest, Love Comes Silently, we have something a bit different from him, a story that is as real as the moon in the sky. A story that will tear your heart apart then mend it back together by the end of the book, as you cry and smile. This is truly a story that will leave you breathless in the end.

My Rating for Love Comes Silently: 5 Stars and a recommended read

For Ken Brighton, caring for his sick daughter who has cancer is stressful enough. Add in that he is alone doing this after his partner leaves him, well let’s just say Ken is just going day by day, trying to make sure his daughter, Hanna will survive to see another day. Then mysterious packages on the doorstep has Ken wondering- is it his ex trying to get back together with him or is it something else? Who is leaving these wonderful surprises for Hanna? 

Meeting his neighbor, Patrick, a strong silent man, who has become a wonderful friend to both him and Hanna. But there is something about him that draws Ken in even as he struggles against the fears that this disease will rob him of his bright light, Hanna. Now the dice are cast and it’s up to fate to decide Hanna’s fate but for Ken and Patrick, sometimes the silence means more than words and love can be blinding if you look beneath the surface.


Andrew Grey delivers a strong story in his latest, Love Comes Silently. A story that has you crying one minute and the next, smiling and laughing from the antics of a lovely little girl named Hanna. Here we have a story where real life is not kind, where a little girl battles a cancer that can snuff her bright light out without fail but we also have a love that shines like a beacon in those dark hours, where you think the darkness and fears will never end. This is a story of faith, friendship and of a love that takes two people unaware even as fear rears it's head. 

Andrew Grey delivers another wonderful story that leaves you in tears. The slow build up between Patrick and Ken is wonderful to behold as these two friends slide into love, a love so unexpected that it takes both by surprise. With his trademark style, Mr. Grey writes a poignant story full of ups and downs, heartbreaks and joys. This is a story that will touch every part of your heart, make you weep in despair then laugh a few pages later. Here is a master storyteller at work, where he can draw a reader in, captivate them completely and then without them knowing it, steal their heart in one fell swoop. The story flows swiftly, with a few twists that had me on the edge of your seat and the ending will leave you with tears in your eyes.

 Meet Ken and his adopted daughter, Hanna. Ken is trying to deal with Hanna’s cancer diagnosis and keeping her spirits up while she gets treatment when his partner, Mark, decides he needs to leave him and Hanna. Mark is a character that had me wanting to smack and he didn’t endear me at all throughout the book either. Ken and Hanna stole my heart though and when silent Patrick came onto the scene, you knew there was something magical happening. Friendship turns to something more but as you are thrust into Hanna’s life and death struggle, through deliberating treatments and the awful reality that your little one may not live to see Halloween, Christmas or any other day, let’s just say it’s a powerful feeling to have. The characters are multi-dimensional, vulnerable and enjoyable. Mr. Grey lets them come across in all their flawed glory and though I had an issue with Mark’s treatment of Ken and Hanna, overall, this is a story that is about three people (Ken, Hanna and Patrick) and how love really can walk into your life, silently and without you even knowing it was there until it smacks you in the face one day.

Even though this may be a departure from his 'normal' stories, Mr. Grey delivers a story that leaves you breathless as you flip the pages to see what would happen next for Ken, Hanna and Patrick. The ending alone had me sobbing so hard that my partner had to ask what was wrong. This is truly one of his best stories to date and one I plan to read again in the future-once I stock up on tissues that is. Love Comes Silently is a story that shows the strength of a human spirit and the love that can creep up on you when you least suspect it. 

Kudos Mr Grey for a powerful and emotional story and thank you for giving it to your readers.

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