Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Fun for Free

13 days till Halloween...are you ready to get your scare on? :-)

I have to say with today’s economy, I am always looking for ways to do things with the kids that cost little or even better, free. When I saw the a Women’s World Magazine, I was thrilled to see how I can log on the internet for Free Halloween Fun. (Magazine date: 10/26/2009).

If you like watching fright movies then check out the following links for those horror classics like Night of the Living Dead, The Crawling Hand and The Hitchhiker at- and at

Love Spooky Stories? Then check out these links for adults and younger kids that will scare you with spooky ghosts, frightful zombies and more at and for younger kids- the less eerie Halloween-themed stories at

Want to create creepy snacks for a party? Then check out how to make Coffin Cake, Bloody Fingers, Jack O’ Lantern Pizza, and other easy to make recipes at

Like playing games or to use as kid fun at a local event? Check out this site for ghoulish games that you can print out such as word finds, crossword puzzles and more at

Do you like to dress your pet up? Then check out these websites where the pets are dressed up in cute costumes and Like Cats? Then check these frightful felines in their costumes at and at

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to have a frightful Halloween celebration and there is even more out there on the internet waiting for you to explore.

*Source of links: Woman’s World Magazine, date- 10/26/09*

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