Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Spotlight Day with Haven Raines's Farnsworth Hall

Could Castles Ever Be Complete Without a Secret Passage?

A secret passage is usually inside a structure leading to a secret room or a way of entering/exiting without being seen. Hidden rooms and passageways have helped people carry out illegal, religious, political, or smuggling activities, evade capture, and spy on others. Many Medieval Castles or Arabic houses were not complete without a secret passage.

The entry to these passages were difficult to detect. The doors were camouflaged so they appear as a part of the structure such as bookshelf, with a window ledge, fireplace, or ornament on the wall. Some entrances were more elaborately concealed and can be opened only by engaging a hidden mechanism or locking device. Other hidden doors were much simpler such as a trapdoor hidden under a rug.

A secret passage is not just the province of ancient castles and the mansions of famous magicians. Secret passages can be easily built in your own home, and they can provide hours of entertainment for newcomers and family members alike.

To build your own secret room, you will need a power saw and drill, a hammer, a door, levers, screws and nails.
1st Step - Measure and remove a section of wall (non-load bearing, please).
2nd Step – Rebuild the wall as far into the room as needed and install a recessed wall sliding door.
3rd Step - Install a trigger mechanism such as a picture frame, a conveniently placed book, or a button the color of the wall paper or paneling.
4th Step - Install a system of levers attaching the trigger mechanism to the doorknob, such that when you turn the picture frame, the door will slide open.
5th Step - Lastly, wallpaper or panel the wall so the secret door blends into the surrounding wall and the seams of the door are impossible to differentiate from the surrounding wall.

            My childhood fantasy of living in a castle with hidden passageways, secret gardens, butlers, dumb waiters and ghosts became my first book, Farnsworth Hall. I had a great deal of fun living in the castle with a fun cast of characters and lurking ghosts. A hidden family secret was revealed but not in time to prevent the heroine from disappearing.

 I saw England through the eyes of the run-away pregnant heiress who was hunted by an unconventional private investigator and rejoiced when the heiress was reunited with the hero.

Thanks so much to Dawn for hosting me today. I really appreciate the chance to get information on my book out to readers. 

Farnsworth Hall is the first in the series, In a Castle It Can Happen, which will cover the three Coulter sister’s romances plus other family members. This is Rachel’s story. Coming soon are Carmen’s and Amanda’s stories.  

Farnsworth Hall by Haven Raines –Gothic Romance set in Contemporary England
To ease the heartbreak of a disappointing love affair, Rachel Coulter agrees to help locate a suitable English castle for her mother's spa chain. When her tour bus breaks down, she finds the formidable fortress she is stranded in front of houses more than ghosts.  
Trace Cardiff inherited the falling down Farnsworth Hall. Despite the childhood memories he holds close, he must sell the monstrosity before it bankrupts him. When his son’s former nanny, Rachel, shows up, claiming she's in the market to buy, he doesn’t believe her. But Rachel's persistence not only stirs all the feelings buried in his heart, it awakens family ghosts who would rather see her disappear...forever.
Caught in a passionate web of lies and deceit, Trace and Rachel must battle their way to the truth. Will the skeletons sleep at last, or will family secrets succeed in driving them apart?
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Patty Campbell said...

The butler did it! No--maybe the butler didn't do it? Well, somebody must have done it. Farnsworth Hall is full of quirky characters who all have their own agendas. Everybody has secrets and doubts, but Rachel and Trace were meant to be together. With all the twists and turns in the plot, how will that happen? One of the main characters in this story is the Hall itself. What a read!

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