Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome Ike Rose Today

Please give a warm welcome to Ike Rose, one of the contributing authors to the Hot Summer Fun Anthology.

The most common question asked of writers is: Where do you get your ideas from?. We all have different answers. Often, the origin of my stories comes from a friend sharing his sexual fantasies or adventures, and sometimes it's triggered by something I read in the news or history. However, my primary source of inspiration is my own life. My stories tend to be romances leading to long term committed relationships, because I've been in love with the same man for the thirty-one years we've been in a monogamous relationship. My main characters tend to be blue collar men struggling with coming out in the 1960's and 1970's because that was my personal experience, finally bursting out of the closet in my mid-twenties.

This may sound like there was little time for me to have exciting sexual adventures, but in one week, I'll be sixty-two, so I had a bit of time between coming out and getting married. The theme for the Hot Summer Fun anthology triggered some memories which lead to the settings of my story, A Midsummer's Night Pick-Up.
The romance begins with cruising for casual sex in The Rambles in Central Park here in New York, a notorious cruising and man-sex area for decades. When I was coming out, I lived a few blocks from the Rambles and spent quite a few hot summer nights seeking a reasonable facsimile to true love in the bushes and paths. My young man, Hans Rath, after meeting a hot Pappa Bear who looks like a rough working class man in a clearing, agrees to go home with him.

The next part of my story was based on one of my funnier sexual misadventures. In 1980, we had a big transit strike in New York City, shutting down all public transportation. The company for which I worked then put it's employees in hotels near our work sites. I shared a room with two men I barely knew, who unfortunately worked a totally different schedule than mine. They were usually asleep by the time I returned to the room, so I couldn't relax there. One night, I decided to go to a nearby gay bar after work. I met a man who closely met my description of Teddy: a mature-looking bearded man with longish hair stood, legs spread, wearing a leather vest on his wide chest (with) scruffy jeans. Being the early spring, he was wearing a biker-style leather jacket. He invited me to his place, and I was concerned when he hailed a cab that I'd end up paying for it. To my surprise, we we ended up at an elegant building on Park Avenue with a doorman, taking a small private elevator up to a penthouse with a magnificent view.

In my story, Hans' host turns out to be a world-famous playwright, Theodore Behr. I discovered that my host was a celebrity, too. I'll be a gentleman and not name him, due to how our encounter ended. After making passionate and imaginative love on top of a fur bedspread, we were working our way towards a second round as I began to have a fantasy of spending many nights with this hot man, in the lap of luxury. Then the apartment door slammed, which was when he informed me that he was in a relationship which was not officially open, and begged me to sneak out as he distracted his lover. So I did I had no wish to get attacked by his young lover, who was supposed to be out of town.

It was a pretty rotten thing to do, so I simply rewrote history, giving the story a better ending a better sex. After all, there is such a thing as true love I live it.

A Midsummer's Night Pick-up by Ike Rose -Hans Rotmusen is a twenty-five-year-old blond whose socially prominent family kicked him out when they discovered that he was gay after he fell in love with a fellow actor, Jonathan. Living in a small apartment with his lover was great, until Jonathan decided that he needed to marry a woman to hide his gay past. Hans, refusing to continue on the down-low, kicked him out. After two years alone, he's horny as hell, so he decides to go cruising in Central Park on Midsummer's Night of 1978. Under the magical moonlight, Goldilocks encounters Pappa Bear, a hot older bearded man, deep in the woods. Following the most passionate kiss of his young life, Hans is helplessly attracted to the gruff, rugged stud, but when they get to Pappa Bear's Den, he discovers a big surprise. Will Pappa Bear be Goldilocks' true love, or just a Midsummer’s Night Pickup?

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