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Welcome Kassanna and introducing Club Lexx

            My palms were damp and I had to pull my blouse from the sticky skin of my chest. Running a hand down my skirt, I lifted my head to stare at the gilded gold doors that led to the inner chambers of Club Lexx. The door was pulled open before I had the opportunity to knock and my gaze met that of Tanya Babineaux. She’s one of the security personnel for the club.
            Clearing my throat, I spoke quickly. “Hi, I’m Kassanna. I have an appointment with John Lexington.”
            She looked me up and down before pushing the door completely open. I ignored the urge to look down and check my appearance. Perhaps my business suit was a bit overboard but I wanted to make a good impression.
“I know who you are.” Tanya turned on her heel and walked away forcing me to follow behind her.
            I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough. She turned and raised and arched brow in my direction. Stepping across the threshold I couldn’t help but take in my surrounding. Without the cover of darkness and strobe lights the club had an industrial look, all dark wood and steel. The black chairs were either tightly grouped around tables or on top of them and the polished dance floor gleamed.
            Trailing in her wake, I caught a blur of movement at the corner of my eye and turned to meet the hazel gaze of Mick. The sexy Australian bar manager was slowly wiping a cloth around the rim of a wineglass. He winked and I swallowed. When he smiled I noticed something, he had dimples. So engrossed with him I didn’t notice when Tanya stopped. With a thud I plowed right into her back. When she turned around I apologized profusely and ran my hands don her arms to ensure she was okay, while listening to the deep chuckle of the gorgeous man that had held my rapt attention, drift away.
            Sighing, she brushed my hands away and shifted to the side. Then I was face to face with the dazzling purple door. I pursed my lips and wondered if maybe I had gone too far making it sparkle under the spotlight. Tanya tapped her fingers on the keypad next to it and the locks popped open on the softest click. She grabbed the handle and pulled exposing the blindingly white interior of the hallway. 
            White carpet and walls were the theme of the passage with more doors, ten in total, and five on each side. Not counting the one at the end. I knew that door led to John’s apartment. I looked over at Tanya and she pointed to a fire exit. I nodded, that way led to the mezzanine floor and John’s office. Funny, I didn’t remember making it a fire exit.  I smiled and crossed the threshold, stepping on to the thick pile carpet. Slim brown fingers touched my hand. I looked up and Tanya spoke.
            “What about Luther and I?”
            I understood her question. I hadn’t finished her story and she was inquiring about it. “Not much longer. There are a few more things I want to check and of course you’re book needs a title.” I gave her an honest answer.
            I heard her “hmph” of frustration as the door closed. At least I knew why she was giving me attitude. I took the few steps to the entryway and pulled on the handle of the heavy metal door. Nothing happened. I tried again. Debating if I could go back the way I came, the door flew open and attached to the hand that held it was none other than Adam,  John’s head of security.
            “Sorry. I was running a bit late.”
            “That’s okay.” I was face to body with a solid wall of sculpted chest as I slipped past him. Wow who was I thinking of when I created him.
            The clack of my heels on the concrete stairs echoed in the hallway. But I had a gorgeous view of Adam’s ass in jeans so our silence didn’t bother me. On the landing, he opened the door for me. Before entering John’s domain I looked around. Maybe I should make John’s space more inviting and less sterile. I smiled at Adam and he nodded. I wanted to say something then I remembered Adam isn’t a talker. Inhaling, I walked past him and into John’s inner sanctum. As he pulled the door shut he spoke. “Lex wanted me to tell you hi.”
            Now that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, at least Lex liked me. I walked further in to the room and wondered if John would consider me rude if I took a water bottle from his mini-bar.
            “Yes I would find that rude.” His voice came from the corner. John stepped from the windows overlooking the dance floor and took the seat behind his desk.
            “Hello John. Thanks for taking the time to give me an interview.” I walked around and sat down in one of the leather club chairs in-front of him.
            “As if I had a choice. Kassanna.”
            I reach into my purse and pull out my pen and pad. “Shall we get started?”
            “Ask away.”
            “Okay, how are you and Mattie getting along?
            “We’re good. Mattie’s at work. I’ll see her tonight for dinner. Why didn’t you bother Mattie with this nonsense?”
            “It’s not nonsense. I thought it would be interesting to check up on everyone.”
            “Well you’re here, you’ve walked around. Consider everyone check on.” He lifted a few papers from his desk. “I have a business to run.”
            I would not be dismissed so easily after all I created him and his world. “Would it kill you to answer a few questions?”
            “You tell me great creator.”
            “Funny John. What are your plans with Mattie?”
            “Why ruin a good thing with plans. I love Mattie and she knows it. If we are constantly worrying about tomorrow how can we live today.”
            “Interesting, I have to say I never thought about you like that. It’s a very Zen.”
            “There’s quite a bit you don’t know about me.”
            I snorted. “I find that hard to believe.”
            His smile was dangerous. “You may have created our world, Kassanna, however as with all things, me, my family, and my friends, we evolved. In other words you established the base and we chose how we wanted to build on it.” He leaned in and stared at me. “Now, do you really know me or just think you do.”
            I pursed my lips. I knew John he could be cold. That’s what made him such a great business man. I got comfortable sliding back on the leather and crossing my legs. “Alright John, One more question.”
            He leaned back and formed a steeple with his fingers. His knuckles cracked in the process. “Can we get this over with?”
            “Fine. Why do you have such a problem with Donovan and Zachary?”
            John chuckled. “You tell me, you’re the writer. Now I have a question of my own.”
            “Since you bring up my brothers, I was wondering about Luther. Can I get a time frame on his book?  I’m tired of his endless questions.
            I smiled. “You’ve evolved John, guess. Tanya already asked me the same question so I’m sure Luther has his answer by now.
            John pushed back from his desk and rose from his chair. “Then I think our interview is concluded. I trust you can find your way out.” He strolled out of his office.
            I sat staring at the space he’d occupied. I’d been dismissed by my own character. I stood and walked towards the door. I noticed little things. There were pictures of Mattie everywhere, on the chrome and glass bookshelves, the wall. I looked over my shoulder, on his desk. John’s office was no longer industrial beige. Instead it was a pale shade of blue. Apparently Mattie had influenced him to some degree. As I shut his office door behind me I had to wonder had my characters truly progressed without my notice?
I walked down the steps to the landing, chewing the inside of my lip as I pondered the question I asked myself. Standing at the door that led to the club, I turned away and chose the exit door on the other side of the landing. Stepping back into my world after walking around in theirs, I’m inclined to think anything is possible.  

About the author:

Kassanna is a strong believer in love at first sight and happily ever afters. After meeting her husband in November and marrying him three months later in February the two have survived  and mostly enjoyed every adventure life has thrown their way. Ten years, two children, a couple of dogs and a wild turkey that came out the woods and somehow adopted them – later- the adventure continues.
Writing has always been her passion but fate sometimes has other roads that  must first be taken .  Navigating the road less traveled was not only unexpected but in the end extremely rewarding. Her books are mainly contemporary romance but she has delved into the paranormal and plans on expanding into other areas as the ideas come to her.  Right now she is enjoying life and seeing her work come into fruition make it that much more pleasurable especially when her books make others smile. Kassanna wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whip Me Real Good. Club Lexx, 1

Mattie couldn't believe her luck...

Not only had the Lexington Corporation agreed to fund her grant for the small organization she'd founded for abused women but she also received a complimentary ticket to the year's hottest party. The Erotic Exotic Event. Mattie's pleasure was two-fold. This was her chance to thank J. Lexington personally for choosing her little charity, and she could let loose a little from her stodgy persona to do it. She had no clue what she was in for.

John was a strong believer of giving back to the community which was why he chose a non-profit entity to support every year. What he didn't expect was the latte beauty, who looked like a librarian with the moves of a stripper, to come bounding through the club's gold doors. When the opportunity presented itself, he snatched it with both hands.

That's when things really start to heat up.

Be Warned: sex toys, BDSM, public exhibitionism.

A loud mewl cut across the music, and Mattie followed the sound to one of the four enormous cages suspended from the ceiling. In a metal cube, a man and woman danced to the beat of the thumping house music flowing from the speakers. Grinding against each other in an imitation of a sexual act, the man in a hooded mask had a muscular body that glistened with sweat under the lights. Wearing low-slung leather pants, he gripped the woman by the hair and twirled her around, then pushed her against the bars of the cage and quickly covered her body with his own. The woman, in a black string bikini, pulled her hair free, pushed back with her body and bent over before the man, grabbing her ankles and tilting her ass into the air. He gripped her hips, slipping his fingers under the thin straps that held the miniscule pieces of cloth together, bent over her, and ran his tongue along her spine.

Mattie turned in her seat, pressing her thighs together and took a deep sip of her drink. She looked into the mirror flanking the bar and found herself staring right into the arctic blue eyes of the man sitting next to her. He smiled, flashing shockingly white teeth under the black lights. Mattie nodded and quickly turned away to look at the human petting zoo on to the other side of the large open space.

Men and women were clad in various fake furs and collars with chains. A mock wooden fence formed an enclosure around its occupants. Some people held their hands over the fence, trying to coax one of the "herd" over to them. Within the corral itself, a man was trying to mount a woman. Mattie squinted, adjusting her glasses, trying to get a better view. She was wrong, not a man. A woman with a...okay, she wasn't quite ready for that visual. Mattie took the straw from her drink and laid it to the side, then took a big gulp of her drink. Shifting in her seat, she peeked over the glass pressed to her lips. Mattie spied the sexy couple, partially hidden by bales of hay. The woman's hips pumped frantically, one arm extended against the pale grass. Mattie pulled the glasses down the bridge of her nose and narrowed her eyes to get a better view.

"First time here?"

Mattie felt the light touch of gentle lips against the rim of her ear.

Buy Links:


            Keep Me Satisfied, Club Lexx Book 2
Club Lexx, 2

Alexandra "Lex" Lexington is on the run. She thought she could handle the stalker that dogged her every step. Realizing how wrong she was, she sought the protection of her brother, John. New problems arise, namely John's sexy security specialist, Adam Manchester. Buried desire for the infuriating man have risen to the surface and Lex institutes a plan of seduction that he'll never see coming.

But her stalker has found her again with deadly intentions.

Adam Manchester handles John's security for the Lexington Corp. He and John have been friends since childhood, and he knows the family well. Lex, she's special, and not just to her brothers, but to him. Just not in a brotherly fashion. Now John is asking him to look after her while he's away on business. Adam's problem—how does he watch the woman that he desires to possess without acting on those long denied feelings?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition.


"Gotcha." Thick arms grabbed her by the middle from behind, pulling her away from the edge.

Lex didn't think about it, she reacted. Her boot came down hard on the in-step of the foot next to hers. She was abruptly let go and took a step forward turning on the ball of her feet before she tumbled over the edge of the loading bay. She slipped to the side and out of the reach of the unknown person, drew herself to her full height, dropping her arms and forming fists in anticipation, ready to counter another attack.

She looked right into the cool brown eyes of Adam.

"What the hell was that for?" Adam yelled, stretching out his leg and rotating his foot.

"I didn't know who was behind me. You could have been a damn stalker for all I knew. You should've said something." She relaxed her shoulders and hands.

"That wouldn't have been a problem if you'd stayed in the damn club." He took a menacing step toward her.

"Funny last I checked John was gone and my daddy was dead. Sorry but your opinion doesn't count." Lex held her ground and raised her chin.

"I think that's part of your problem. J.L. should have spanked you as a child. Instead he let you run around wild thinking you could do anything without any fear of the consequences." Adam moved closer.

"Spankings? Are you kidding? I feel sorry for any kid you have. As for daddy, let's leave him out of this. As I see it, right now you're not quite measuring up to the man." Her heart pounded in her chest and the breeze whipping through the loading dock chilled her damp skin.

"You always did have a sharp tongue. Maybe it's time someone to taught you a lesson." Adam was in her space so close she could see the pulsing vein at the side of his neck.

"Really. You and what army?" Lex looked up at him meeting his gaze and cocked an arched brow.

She knew she'd gone too far when she felt the pinch of Adams fingers on her sides. The wind ruffled her hair, pushing the short tresses into her face as he walked her backwards the few steps to pin her against the wall. He leaned in, and rested his forearms against the concrete block on either side of her head. His pushed a hard thigh between her legs forcing her to separate them. She lifted her eyes and met his. Her breathing was coming in short pants and her heart played racquet ball with her ribs.

She had only ever dreamed he would get this close to her. Lex bit down on the inside of her cheek, flinching from the pain. Not a dream. She went on the offensive.

Closing her eyes and grabbing his face, she pulled his head down as she rose up on her toes and pressed her lips to his. She licked at his lips and slid her hands around his neck, one hand rubbing the silky hairs at the back of his head.

She felt his momentary hesitation before he gave into the kiss. On a sigh, his lips parted and she pressed her tongue forward slipping it into his mouth. Darting back and forth, deeper into the warm recesses of his mouth, she tasted the hint of peppermint on his breath before pulling back. She nibbled on his bottom lip with her teeth.

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