Thursday, December 29, 2011


By: Angelica Hart and Zi

We’d like to share with you an excerpt (non-edited) from our Christmas 2012 release CHRISTMAS EVE…VIL.

About the story:

Resisting the fervent advances of Luke Calico while snowbound isn’t Anya’s only problem, she must also hide from the malicious preacher wishing to harness her power while withstanding the demonic spirit trying to lure her soul.


She perceived his struggle as if his mind told him to step away. Yet his mouth moved towards hers with irrevocable insistence. He cupped her face with his hands and met her lips like a hushed whisper, barely touching. In that instant, she fully opened to him, spread out for him like a feast that he could plunder at will, her look further inviting him to devour her. Her lips parted, but their gazes didn’t. It was as if their gazes linked their souls, binding them as surely as if the tether were tangible. He brushed her mouth once more, and again she didn’t oppose him. She became as solvent as liquid, leaning into him, conceding that this was as inevitable as sunrise. Finally, his arms wrapped around her, tightening in a hold that rebuffed struggle as his tongue pierced her mouth.

She didn't comprehend the logistics of this all-consuming want, and found her sensibilities fractured by it. He asked for a more cordial home front, didn't but she sensed he hadn't expected intimacy. Of course, he asked for friendship but nowhere had he implied with benefits. Did he want her touch? A man was oft simplistic. She hoped Luke at that moment in time wanted nothing less than what she wished to share.

Anya couldn’t refuse even if she gave herself that option. She was very far from promiscuous, but she had never experienced this rush of sensation before. Its raw savagery tore through her, demanding a response and she gave it, surrendering without thought, without hesitation. Would that personify her as loose? That mattered not. No one ever invaded her mouth like this, and it tossed her into spasms of ecstasy, traversing regions of her body that she was unaware felt. None ever held her so tightly yet with such care as if she might break, protective yet seductive. She wanted to squeal like a schoolgirl seeing her first prom dress. Sensing his deft skillfulness, she feared she was not as adroit and wasn’t certain what to do with her mouth or tongue, but she tried, mirroring every thrust, every fusion of lips, every plundering motion. His lead in so many ways made it acceptable and with acceptance came pleasure. Her head reeled and her pulse thudded against her wrists and throat with rapid potency. Why had Luke so released her? It was as if he gave her permission to lust and enjoy every bit of those experiences. She couldn’t breathe and she didn’t want to breathe. She couldn’t think and she didn’t want to think. She only wanted now, this moment, this emotion, this tumbling off the brink of sanity to never end. She wanted to fuse in the harmony with sensation, dreaming its epic tale.

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Angelica Hart and Zi
CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL coming soon

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