Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Talking with SJD Peterson/Contest Announcement

I was lucky to sit down with SJD Peterson in between her moving, edits, NaNoMo project and other items going. She was even grascious to let me grill...err ask..some questions while she was so busy. Now take it away SJD Peterson....

Q: I hear you have a big blog event going on. Want to tell us about the authors and what all of it entails?

SJD:  During December 1 through the 25th a different author will feature his or her Christmas story and answer a few questions! You won't want to miss what some of these authors did to get on Santa's naughty list!! Keep track of all the authors in the order they appear and email it to to be entered into a drawing for an 25$ Amazon gift card check out the details at sjdpeterson.blogspot

Q:  Your latest is Quinn's Need, sequel to Lorcan's Desire. What made you decide to give Quinn a book of his own?

SJD:  Quinn' Book is actually a continuation of Lorcan's adventure! When I got to 150k and the story still wasn't told I decided to make it a trilogy! Ty's Obsession will be out February 6th at Dreamspinner!

Q:  What is your favorite Christmas song?

 SJD: Oh by far my fav Christmas song is Santa Baby!!! I like her wish list ~wink~

Q:  Do you go all out for the holidays (decorate the entire house? Bake? etc)?

SJD:  Me bake????? LMAO I can't even boil water! I do decorate the entire house even have a tree in the hockey room!

Q:  What is your favorite Christmas cookie to enjoy each year?

 SJD: My favorite cookie is the kind anyone will bake for me!! Not a fan of store bought! Will you bake me cookies Dawn??? Please!!!

Q:  Tell us about any upcoming releases you may have.

 SJD: Leon my short story is part of DSP Cristmas Anthology and comes out tomorrow!! Masters & Boyd comes out January 23 and Ty's Obsession 2 weeks later on February 6th both from DSP. I also have Battle Buddy coming to Silver Publishing but not sure of the date yet.

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