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Welcome Ryssa Edwards today

Can you tell me a bit about your most recent release/upcoming release?
In my most recent release Michael, Archangel of War has been Banished to the mortal world. In the last year of his Banishment, he falls in love with Laine, a mortal. Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire tells the story of what Michael and Laine have to do to stay together.

For any readers who may not have read any of your books, can you just give us a little sneak peak into world (i.e. the type of genre you write, type of stories you like to write....etc)? I write m/m paranormal romance. It’s not the classic “boy meets boy” romance. It’s more like romance/adventure. My characters have to fight against great odds and take incredible risks if they want to stay together. In the world I create Michael is Archangel of War, Raphael is Archangel of Healing and Lucifer is Archangel of Hell. They’re brothers who may disagree, but ultimately do what it takes to help each other. Azriel is a Hunter angel who used to be a warrior.

How much of yourself, if any, do you put into your characters?
I put a lot of myself into my characters. The one trait about me that makes it most clearly onto the page is my determination. If there’s something I really, really want, there’s no way I’m stopping till I get it. And well. . I’ve always wanted wings.

How do you keep sex scenes fresh and exciting so they don't become stale or repetitive? I keep my sex scenes fresh by pretending that every sex scene I write is the first one I’ve ever written. I think through the characters’ eyes. What would an Archangel of War be thinking when he’s making love to the mortal he wants to be his mate? What would a mortal be thinking when the Archangel he loves is holding him? I draw heavily on my character bios when I’m creating sex scenes, so that each scene between my characters could not happen in exactly that way with any other two characters.

If you could throw a party with any five people (living or dead) who would you pick and why? Peter Pan, because . . . the party would be at his place—Never Land. Stephen King, because maybe if he touches me at the party, his writing will rub off on me. Michelangelo, because his art is so alive, it speaks after all these centuries. I want to write like that. Carl Jung, because the unconscious is my playground, and he seems to know it best. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, because she’s right, the best treasures lie hidden in the dark.

What are at least five things you have on your bucket list and have you done any of them? I call my bucket list my “Future Resume”. The five things are: (1) live my life like I mean it (check); (2) write a m/m vampire romance novel (working on it); (3) develop a new writing skill every year (check); (4) read an entire series from beginning to end (working on this); (5) go to New Orleans and meet a real vampire (still not undead).

Is there one series/author you feel is a must read for readers to explore (can be e book authors or print NY house authors)? Definitely the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward. It’s sheer entertainment, and proof that if a writer believes strongly enough in an idea, it can be sold.

Do you listen to music when writing? Do you feel like some stories write themselves a soundtrack with specific music? If so, what book and what kind of music influenced it? I always listen to music when I write. I don’t feel like the stories write a soundtrack, so much as the fine details of a story arise from songs with a certain feel

 Do you feel your writing is character driven or plot driven? How do you balance these two elements? Before I sit down to write a story, I do character bios on both main characters. I do this so that whenever I come to a divergence in the plot, I can ask myself, “What would [character] do here? With all the things he’s been through in his life, with his hopes and dreams and fears, how would he handle this?” This helps me to develop a character driven story, even when the plot is heavily laced with “adventure” or “action”.

I balance the character driven element by asking different questions at crucial turning points like, “Which plot line will advance the romance? Which plot line will force the characters to reveal more about themselves and how they feel to each other?”  I like to create a story that’s tense enough to keep readers wondering, but not so herky-jerky with action, that they lose interest.

Is there a genre you haven’t done that you would like to explore in the future? I would love to write a thriller / mystery / romance. Is that even a genre?

What is your favorite movie of all time? The one where you can watch
it and still get affected at the same spots each and every time?
Star Wars. I can watch it over and over and still be thrilled each time at that big leap across the pit on the Death Star. I still feel like cheering when Han Solo makes that last shot on the Death Star.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you
have with you?
War and Peace, because. . I wouldn’t get interrupted, would I? Tarot Cards, because I’d see my rescue coming. A bottle with an airtight cork. Paper. A Pen.

What is the one era you would love to go visit and why? Whatever era Star Trek happens in. I want to go boldly explore and. . .I really want a microwave that cooks for me. I press a button, food comes out. Yeah. I’m ready to explore that.

Out of all your books, do you have a favorite one? If not, then which one is closest to your heart? Dark Angel, All the Stars is my favorite novella. It was difficult writing Lucifer because he seemed so invulnerable, and when he finally let me in to how he felt and why, it felt like a hard won victory.

What character out of all your books is the closest to your personality? Probably Kayne from Dreaming of a Kiss. I’ve lived through a lot of things in my life, but on many days, it feels like I’m just starting out, and there’s so much more to learn.

What do you feel is the most important aspect a new author should remember when writing/creating their own stories? Any advice for aspiring authors
? The most important aspect to remember is to have fun!  In your rough draft, just let it happen. Go with the story. Don’t try to drag the story out of yourself, just sit back and let the story tell itself. If you trust yourself enough, it will. My second piece of advice is. . . don’t let the rejections  get to you. Keep writing and keep believing.

What can we expect to come in the future from you? Want to give us a tease of your upcoming projects? I’m working on the third novella in the Immortal Pleasures series, Hunter Angel. It’s the story of Zane and Azriel. After that, I’ll be working on the final novella in the series, which will be Raphael’s story. In June my short story, "The Moon House" will be included in the First Time For Everything Daily Dose. Very soon I’ll be starting a m/m vampire romance novel. It involves vampire warriors, fallen angels, a key and a black rock. That’ll be coming up next year.

Where can we find you on the net?

You can find me at:

 Sneak Peek into Warrior Angel, Heart's Desire
  Coming Soon at Silver Publishing

Michael is the archangel of war, Banished to Earth. In the last year of his Banishment, he falls in love with Laine. But hour by hour, they're ripped apart by forces they can't control, because when Michael's Banishment is over, he'll lose Laine forever. They're given one chance. Laine must risk his life. Michael must risk his wings. What is love on the other side of forever worth?

"He's all I want," Michael said.
His brother landed beside him. Raphael, Archangel of Healing, avoided his brother's eyes. "He's mortal, Michael."
"And I'm Banished."
"We are of the Spirit World," Raphael said. "Invisible, untouchable to mortals. When you return to us, you'll be as He created you."
Michael stroked a black marble tombstone, running his fingers over the raised letters. In a few decades, that was all that would be left of Laine in the mortal world. The thought ignited Michael's fury. He kicked it over, leaving it flat and cracked. "I'll be alone."
"Why bring this sorrow upon yourself?" Raphael's voice was what every suffering mortal hoped to hear when they prayed to his statues. "Your exile is nearly over. Until then, his mortal body is yours to enjoy."
"I don't want just his body," Michael said, "I--"
Overhead a raven cawed and fluttered to the ground. His black wings curving up from his shoulders, Lucifer came to stand between his brothers. He drew a heart over Michael's armor. "I'm touched. In love with a mortal who spreads his legs for you, does things for you even I can't talk about, worships you to the soles of your feet." He rapped his knuckles against his brother's gold breastplate. "Get this Banishment thing done. War isn't the same without you."
Michael tossed his head back, flung his arms out. "You know how the flesh is. What's happening to me?"
"You're turning into a man too in love for his own good."
"Why didn't you mark Aeryn?" Michael said, and regretted it the moment he saw the pain that came into his brother's eyes, but he went on. He had to know. "Laine keeps asking me, but I don't think he knows what forever means to us."
"They don't, Michael. They can't." Lucifer rubbed his hands over his face. "I would have marked him that night. I waited that long because I wanted to be sure. And you see how that turned out."
"He'll be back," Raphael said quietly.
Lucifer rounded on his brother. "Don't shine any of your white light on me, not about Aery."
"It wasn't his fault," Michael said.
"Yeah, he can save every mortal on Earth except the one I loved." Lucifer's voice was low, bitter. He closed his eyes and took a moment to gather himself. "If you mark Laine, you're the only immortal he can be with, ever, in any lifetime. And you won't be in this realm much longer."
Something tugged at Michael, a feeling, a sense that Laine might be in danger. His dark green eyes on his brothers, he said, "I need your help. I can't go before the Council. But you can."
"Go to Laine," Raphael said. "We'll do our best."
The flaming sword across Michael's back felt useless, almost wrong. He spread his white wings. A whirlwind of grave dirt, dead leaves, and forgotten flowers swirled at his feet. His thick black hair blew around his strong face as his body faded into the whirling mini storm of his wings.

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