Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Review for Love Means...No Fear by Andrew Grey

I have got admit....Andrew Grey is one of my favorite M/M Authors. His books are emotional, character rich stories that steal your heart. With his Love Means... series the reader is introduced to a wonderful set of characters that leave you breathless and more than once, teary eyed.

Love Means...No Fear is the fifth book in the series and we finally get Raine's story. I love this character and he always made me smile with his quips as a secondary character in past books. Now we get to see how Raine falls for Jonah, all bets are lost when love gets in the mix.

My review of Love Means...No Fear:

Raine Baumer is the consummate party guy in Chicago and indulging in relationships that were big on sex and less on the emotional aspects, Raine feels his life is fine just the way it is until danger strikes and he is attacked in an apparent hate crime. Taken to the farm by his friend Geoff to heal, Raine finds himself longing for what his friends have-a committed relationship with someone who loves you, warts and all. When he meets Eli’s brother Jonah, he finds a young man who stirs things inside him and as they get close, the sparks fly between them but both have to face what they fear the most in order to get their heart’s desires.

Love Means...No Fear is about beginnings, love and acceptance. Mr. Grey is a consummate storyteller who delivers stories that leave the reader with a big ole' smile on their face. I love the rich world this author creates within each book where we meet characters from past books and some new ones as well. The characters alone are worth it in my opinion. They are well written, multifaceted and show their hidden vulnerabilities that literally leaves me breathless. I can not say enough over this series and this author's writing itself. With each page, I am drawn into his stories and find myself rooting for Raine and Jonah to get their HEA. 

Love Means...No Fear delivers a heartfelt story about two people who need to overcome their own doubts and vulnerabilities. Who hasn’t ever been afraid of something-be it a new job, moving, or taking that risk in a new relationship? Raine and Jonah are no exception. It was lovely to see the familiar characters from past books pop in and help keep the story moving along and the sparks flared softly into a romance that had me rooting for both these wonderful people to get what they desired-namely one another. There were a few new secondary characters that were introduced that had me wondering if they will pop up in future farm books.

Mr. Grey has another winner in his Farm series and I highly recommend you run, don’t walk, to grab the newest book from this marvelous author and settle in for an afternoon of being swept away to a magical place where love flourishes and grows. Kudos to Andrew Grey for creating fresh tales to tell in his series that has his readers salivating for the next book; I just hope he doesn’t leave us hanging too long for the next tale in this wonderful series.

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Andrew Grey said...

Thank you so much Dawn. I am so pleased that you liked the story. Right now I'm putting my ideas together so I can write another Farm story.

Thank you again for the wonderful review.

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