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BY: Angelica Hart and Zi

Storing away memories and odd events to add to a story gives that story realism. Anne Rice once said, "No matter how long we exist, we have our memories. Points in time which time itself cannot erase." And most of our memories are indeed gifts that we open again and again.

I was at an Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Class and the instructor said, "We are the sum of all our experiences." There it was a truth that stood above simple truths. As I began to write I recognized that I had very limited experiences upon which to pull. My early work was unquestionable shallow. So I began a quest to discover, in the name of wanting to be a better writer? No! I realized I was shallow.

Every submission sent to publishers was returned or ignored. I recall critique suggesting I needed more depth in both the way I dealt with the subject and the technical writing style. As time ate at my life I waited as I worked. Wrote daily. How much life is lost to wait? That is an apt question, but my wait was filled with discovery. I became a student of people. Discovery. Examined other styles and broke them down mechanically and technically. Discovery. Tried to create more complexity. Discovery. Expanded my vocabulary. Discovery. Read... read... read. Discovery. Wrote... re-wrote... re-re-wrote.

That wait was not shallow but an aggressive tutorial for my growth. I continued to submit work. And slowly pieces were accepted.

So the question is who am I? Angelica or Zi. Ironically, we took the same path and had the same challenges and failures. We met as more mature adults prepared to be writers and we have written daily as writing partners. We found a synergy in our styles and complexity in what we wanted to create. Are we good? We don't know. Have we found that depth needed to portray characters as real people? Hope we have. Have we found enough intrigue in our plot and our words to keep readers interested? You tell us. As Jacob Bronowski, a mathematician, well-spoken and a celebrity of the BBC show The Ascent of Man and was the inspiration of Carl Sagan to make the Cosmos wrote, "The world is full of people who never quite get into the first team and who just miss the prizes at the flower show." If runners up is what we are, we're proud for our journey has been wonderful.

Zi believes, "Be the best you can be by growing every day."

Having said that, goodness, that was something (our hard work) we doubt we'd forget.

Our release KILLER DOLLS is a wonderful romantic thriller based in bio-terrorism. SNAKE DANCE Is a sci/fi-fantasy adventure romance placed in a unique culture. CHASING YESTERDAY is a gentle paranormal romance which provides an unfolding mystery.

The Story:

On the planet Starling wRen defies her heritage so she can be with VeIper, an outcast bent on freeing his species from ethnic cleansing. Mong, a slayer, quells their ambition as he plots the subjugation of wRen and the death of VeIper.


Clenched as one, floating.

Her wings unfurled slightly and his arms caught about them, instinctively stroking the area between moving downward to the Rise of Comehither, feeling her incredible responsiveness. Her fingers curled about the base of skull, pulling his head closer to her breasts as she caressed awake the remnant of a cobra hood. They together, he bending and pressing her backward and then swirling her up and around, he then lifting his head to find her lips, to press past that sensuous pink tenderness to the opening beneath.

Every stimulating action demanded a stronger reaction, and the two simultaneously became giver and recipient. Their mouths twisted against each other, and then parted, held deliberately apart but barely, torturous breaths scraping against each other, tongues flittering and then slipping away, her pointy tip, caressing the vulnerable nip between the slit. His fingers moved over smooth warming flesh, pausing to stroke feathers as they each nipped at each other with tender kisses over eyelids and temples, scale-line and feather-roots.

He growled.

She shivered.

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Angelica Hart and Zi

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