Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why I Love Good Bad Boys by Rie McGaha


I love good bad boys. Oops, don't I mean bad good boys? Nope, not at all. There is a difference, at least to my way of thinking. Bad good boys are the ones I don't trust. They're the ones who pretend to be good, kind, loving and caring, but they're really underhanded, sneaky, and probably snivel and cry when a good bad boy shows up! Now, there are also bad, bad boys who are just that. They're bad and don't care who knows it. They don't have anything good in them and wind up being the ones who beat the women in their lives, kick puppies and rob their grandmothers. Eeewww!  But the good bad boys, oh, give me one of them anytime.

A good bad boy is the one who is sexy, confident, loving, kind, protective, a little possessive, good in bed and the ones we love to love. They're also not afraid to be the tough guy when they have to be. They'll punch out anyone who disrespects a woman, kicks a puppy, or mistreats anyone who is unable to defend themselves. They might bend the law in their effort to do the right thing, maybe occasionally, break the law, but only when the law stands between them and their goal to do the right thing. These guys are the perfect man in every way, which is probably why they are written about in so many books.

Some of my favorite good bad boys are Thomas Jane, playing Castle in The Punisher (2004, Lions Gate Films); Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne in the movie by the same name (2008, 20th Century Fox); and Denzel Washington in everything he does, but most recently as Eli in The Book Of Eli (2010, Warner Bros.).

In books, I think Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series has some of the sexiest hunks with Kiss Of The Highlander, which introduces identical twins Drustan and Dageus MacKeltar. I have consumed each new book faster than the author can write them and absolutely love not only the brothers, but also the other men created in this series. Each one is more scrumptious than the next and I could lick them all from head to toe and want seconds!

These are the kind of men I not only love, but also married. Oh yes, ladies, I have my very own good bad boy in my bed every night. He is also just as scrumptious as the make believe men, but he's also very real. He is everything I've ever wanted, the one who treats me like a treasure, and protects me, loves me, takes care of me and the sex, well now…I don't want you to be too jealous of me! J He's a strong, strong-minded, physical kind of guy with a warrior's heart and soul, who still has enough little boy in him to be playful and carefree. That is something I lack and without him to pull me out of my adult doldrums, I'd probably be a hermit who never sees the sun.

He is also the one I model my good bad boy characters after. Even my first published book, Deadly Dreams, (Noble Romance Publishing),had elements of my husband in both the hero and the villain. I continued in that vein in Blood Line, (Noble Romance Publishing), and it's sequel, Ancient Blood, with the character Joshua Kaine. The relationship between Josh and his wife, Jessie, is very close to the relationship my husband and I share. He is also in my characters from Comes An Outlaw, (Silver Publishing), Closure (Champagne Books), One Good Man (eXcessica), and a few I'm still working on. As far as I'm concerned, I've found the perfect mix of good bad boy in the man I married, so why shouldn't I share him with the world through my characters? After all, he is the man we all love to dream of and fantasize about.



                       ONE GOOD MAN by RIE MCGAHA (blurb)

          Allison Hamstead thought it was love, finally, after all the years alone, someone loved her in spite of the fact she was fat! Not that her size had ever kept her from being successful, but it had kept her far from personal relationships. She’d heard all of the fat jokes ever told, all of the things people in her office said behind her back, and she didn’t miss not having a boyfriend, or dates every weekend. Did she? But now she was in love and she couldn’t wait to introduce him to her best friend, Sarah. And what a mistake that had turned out to be! It wasn’t long before the love of her life and her best friend were living together and Allison was humiliated.
          Starting over is never easy, but Allison is determined to do so and moves far from Chicago to the warm waters of Biloxi, Mississippi where she accepts a position at one of the floating casinos. For the first time in her life, Allison feels like she’s truly at home.  She loves her job, she loves her boss, who is like a father to her, and she loves being a part of all the excitement going on around her. Except for one little thing…
          Her boss’s eldest son, Stephen, is probably the most handsome, gorgeous, and sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on…and he knows it! And for some reason he acts interested in her. Then her mother comes to visit and winds up dating her boss. Her accounts start showing large amounts of money missing. And her ex shows up unannounced and says he wants her back. Can anything else possibly go wrong?

Closure by Rie McGaha (blurb)

 High in the hills above Albuquerque, New Mexico Detective Zachariah Ellison arrives at the scene of a murder, and not just any murder, but one that definitely falls into the “gruesome” category even for a seasoned cop like Zach. When another body is found murdered in much the same fashion, Zach knows he’s got a serial killer on his hands, and to top it off he’s got an assistant district attorney hounding him about the case. As Zach tries to investigate the crimes while sidestepping nosey Amy Logan, a third body is found and Zach hasn’t a clue as to whom the perpetrator might be.

Amy Logan has worked hard to put herself through school and pay for law school on her own and now that she’s secured a position as assistant district attorney in Albuquerque, she’s determined to do everything she can to be the best prosecutor this office has ever seen. And as if luck was following her, she’s been assigned to the biggest homicide case the city has ever seen. The only problem she’s having is the homicide detective who’s leading the investigation—Zach Ellison.


Comes An Outlaw by Rie McGaha (Blurb)

Jacob Dobbs is alive. That surprises him considering how many times he's been shot and the amount of blood he's lost. Forced to leave his brother, Luke, lying dead, Jake hurts both inside and out. As soon as he's up to it, he's going to avenge Luke's death and he knows just where to start. Ebenezer Franklin is a big fish in a little pond and has everyone in the town in his back pocket, but that won't deter Jake. As he sees it, Ebenezer is responsible for the shoot and the $5,000 taken from Luke in a rigged card game. But when Jake finally executes his plan, he didn't expect to run into a beautiful woman. Or to kidnap her. Now he has an even bigger problem—she doesn't seem too upset at being kidnapped!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by Rie and great post. Love bad boys especially the ones that have redeeming qualities.


Rie McGaha said...

Thanks so much for having me, Dawn. Sorry I've been absent, but we had a terrible mishap on the 18th and I am now playing catch up.

Rie McGaha

Victoria Roder said...

I loved your post! You are so right. I love a guy who risks everything to do what is right.

Rhobin said...

Good post, Rie, and an interesting observation. Bad boys. We all love the good ones.

Angelica Hart and Zi said...

Enjoyed your post as well as your book blurps. You are so right sometimes, it's the good bad boys who still remember what honor is all about. Your newest release Ancient Blood looks especially interesting.

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