Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Author Allison Knight

Tell us about your latest book/upcoming releases. Is it part of a series and if so, can we read it as a standalone or do we need to read the others in the series first?
On the 5th of March, the second book of a Gothic Romance series will be available. This has no connection to the other books of the series, so it's a stay alone and a short to boot.  Only 20,000 words, or about 5 chapters.
It's follows the theme of the series. Shadowed Hearts. It's a traditional gothic written in the first person, with the poor orphaned heroine. I won't say more, except this one has a supernatural being in the story, spelled a real for-sure ghost!  Maybe. 
What makes a good book to you? Story? Characters? Exotic locations? I
A good book to me has to have several characteristic. First, I have to care about the characters. There have to be something terrible wrong right at the beginning of the story. Locations are not that important but woo to the author if the story doesn't end well.  I hate books with sad endings.
What's your favorite pizza toppings?
That one's easy. I love extra cheese, sausage and mushrooms.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to one of your characters?
In Heartsong, my heroine is about to be burned at the stake. I think that's about as bad as it gets. But the way, the sequel to "Heartsong" is coming in August, from Champagne Books.  This too is a stand alone, and my poor heroine is treated to some bad attitudes in this one as well, but no stake burning this time.
Which of your books contains the sexiest love scene?
Actually, I think my third book in the Heartfire series for Kensington had my sexy love scene. The book has long been out of print, but I'm seriously considering revising it and reselling it.  I loved that book. (Oh, but I have this great affection for all my characters, darn it. I hate to see the stories shelved)
Which of your covers is your favorite?
Without a doubt "Heartsong" which is amazing, because one of my covers was done by a very famous cover artist for Kensington. However, there is something about the cover of Heartsong - perhaps the color, or the expression in the eyes, I don't know!  All I do know is when people see the cover they pick up that book. If they read any kind of historical they want that book.
Which of your books was the easiest to write? The hardest?
I think my last book for Champagne, A Treasure for Sara, was the easiest. Both characters stewed in my brain for a couple of years before I put them on paper. The question with that one was about where to locate the story. I wanted it in the west but after a trip to the Yukon I knew I had the site. The story just flowed.
And my hardest is the one I'm working on now. This takes place in England in 1665 and 66, during the plague and the fire. The research for this one has been the most involved. Trying to follow the king's movements during all of this and getting time and location of the plague, the fire, and putting my heroine and hero in all the right spots without ruining the plot has been a real challenge. I finally had to develope a time line and now the thing is flowing again. (Huge sigh of relief. This may be my favorite heroine. We'll see.  I love a lady who's not afraid to tell off a King)
What is coming in 2010 from you?
As I said, The Haunting of Hastings Hall will be released from Red Rose Publishing on the 5th of March. This is the Gothic Romance.
In August, the sequel to Heartsong, this one called Battlesong, will be released. No cover yet, but I'll give you a hint. It's called Battlesong because the hero and the heroine are willing to do battle  - with each other. If you've read Heartsong, then you will recognize the hero of Battlesong. He's the youngest Brother of Heartsong.
And I'd be very remise if I didn't mention the fact I'm appearing in a workshop at the Gulf Coast Chapter RWA in March, talking about e-publishing, why I chose it and why I think this is the future of books.
Where can readers find you on the web?
I have a web site and a blog. I manage to blog about once a week at and it's frequently about my ongoing battles with my computer or some of the strange happenings in my life. And believe me, things are not quiet around here.  My web site is
If you were able to meet any celebrity and spend one day with them, who would you choose and what would you do?
This will shock a lot of people, but what most people thing of when you say celebrities don't impress me. If I was given an opportunity to meet a famous person, I choose someone from the operatic world. Placido Damingo comes to mind. I grew up with classical music and my dad trained to sing opera. So people in that profession would be the people  I'd like to meet.


The Haunting at Hastings Hall by Allison Knight.
Coming to Red Rose Publishing on March 5th
Ohio, January 1878
     It was a perfect day for a funeral. The gray sky heralded an approaching winter storm as cold wind whistled through the elm trees marking the entrance to the family plot. Icy snow flakes began to fall over the dirt and onto the pine box as Aunt Pheobe’s body was lowered into the ground beside the man who had made her life miserable for over twenty years.
     I stood by the carriage, trying to hold my tears at bay and ignore my step-cousins who ringed the mound of dirt. I saw not a single sign of grief on any of their faces. They were so much like their father.
     I didn’t miss the gleam of satisfaction on Opal’s face, Aunt Phoebe’s oldest daughter, as she glanced my way. I looked at Tom Harrow, now Opal’s husband. He had once been the man of my dreams but Opal had somehow learned I thought my heart entwined with his. It was not to be. A confirmed spinster at two and thirty. Opal made a play for him, securing her future with my pain. Or so I thought at the time.
     Now, I felt nothing for Tom except sympathy. The poor man looked much like a whipped dog, as he stood behind Opal, their two small daughters hanging on to his trousers.
     I turned my attention to Grace, newly married despite her advanced age of five and thirty but married to a man twice her age. She was so obviously pleased with herself, repeatedly stroking the velvet cloak and matching dress, a smile on her face. She was smiling as they laid her own step-mother to rest! How very callous.
     I glanced at the last of Aunt Phoebe’s stepchildren. Clearance at least carried a somber expression, but his wife paid no mind to the cleric who held his tattered bible and read from the psalms. She was conversing with everyone, those to her side, those behind.
    Oh, Aunt Phoebe, am I the only one who will miss you and your wise ways?"
     My uncle’s influence marked this group of ingrates. But Aunt Phoebe had been like a mother to me after my own mother had died of consumption. They took me in, despite my uncle’s objections and over the years, she had saved me countless times from the mean pranks of his children who wanted me gone from their home at any cost. Now the dear lady was gone and I had to face the world on my own.
     I waited until the family had left the grave site and climbed into my borrowed carriage. I shivered thinking about the days before me.
     First I’d have to endure the meals at Hastings Hall, before I could pack my things and arrange to leave the house that had been my home for these past sixteen years.


Mary McCall said...

Book sounds interesting, Angela. I like extra cheese on a pizza myself, but with Canadian bacon and My pizza will burn the skin off most peoples lips. I love that you picked Placido. I once spent an evening with Luciano at a friends house and we sang duets the whole evening. He thought it was great to meet someone who writes romance and loves opera.

Rhobin said...

Interesting interview and your excerpt left me wanting to know more.

Allison Chase said...

Allison, I love a good gothic story written in first person! You're so right about caring about the characters. If you can't fall in love with them, then setting and plot just don't matter. Congrats on the release next week!

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