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Meet author Lisa Troy

Tell us about your latest book/upcoming releases. Is it part of a series and if so, can we read it as a standalone or do we need to read the others in the series first?

The Art of Losing is the first one in the series “The Art of.” It focuses on a grade-school teacher, Emily Stone, and shows how she deals with the fear of relationships and trusting another man with her heart. Readers will be able to read all books in the series as standalones. I’m currently working on the second book, The Art of Bluffing, whose heroine is Emily’s best friend, Rebecca Grimson, and I hope it will be released within 2010.

What makes a good book to you? Story? Characters? Exotic locations?

I think it’s a combination of everything you mentioned. A story can be compelling but if the characters don’t draw the reader in, the result is an unsatisfying read. And of course, the author’s voice matters a lot, it’s what ties all the components together.

What's your favorite pizza toppings?


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to one of your characters?

I have a heroine tied to a bed by a psycho killer for almost a year now and I refuse to finish the story. 

Which of your books contains the sexiest love scene?

That has to be Follow Your Dream, a vampire story that I’ve just finished.

Which of your covers is your favorite?

Well, I’m a new writer and I have only one book out, so the cover of The Art of Losing wins hands down.

Which of your books was the easiest to write? The hardest?

The easiest was Law of Opposites, a 10K story I finished in a week about two lawyers working in the same firm. The heroes hate each other’s guts, but on the heroine’s last night in the US before she leaves for England they indulge in a night of role playing and release all the sexual tension between them.

The hardest book to write was my first book to be published, The Art of Losing, because I got a contract for it before it was finished and I was really stressed about finishing it.

What is coming in 2010 from you?

I have a few of my works submitted to publishers but I haven’t received an A or an R yet. *crosses fingers*

Where can readers find you on the web?


If you could meet any character from any book, who would it be, what would you do and why?

Reuben, the vampire from Follow Your Dream. First, I’d “torture” him because he can be an infuriating alpha sometimes, okay, most of the times, and then I’d ask him to make me a vampire so I could live forever. And no, I wouldn’t sparkle…

Sneak peek into The Art of Losing:

“You’d be having more fun if you were out with me, kitten.”

I jumped at the sound of that deep, bone-melting tone. I glanced over my shoulder, even though I already knew whom I’d see. Sure enough, Blake stood behind me in all his lick-worthy glory. His dark brown hair was mussed as if he’d spent half the night sifting his fingers through the thick strands. Dark jeans hugged his long legs, showcasing them to perfection. He had even rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt to reveal muscled forearms. God, men with dark-looks do look great in white....

What sin had I committed to deserve this?

“Mr. Edwards.” I smiled and took delight in the way his lips flattened into a thin line. “How nice to see you again,” I lied through my teeth, my tone indicating that.

His eyes narrowed. “This game you insist on playing is getting old.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I looked forward again and took a sip from my drink.

Blake didn’t give up. He moved until he was in my line of sight. “I’m talking about you and me on New Year’s. You can’t deny we shared a connection.”

The denial dangled from the tip of my tongue, but I could very well imagine how he would call me on my lie. Too vividly. And the troubling thing was I didn’t think I’d resist his kiss.

“Whatever connection we might have shared is beside the point. I don’t date my students’ parents.” I hoped the frost in my voice balanced out the increased temperature of my body.

His smile brightened the dimly lit jazz club despite his irritating “I know something you don’t know” expression. “I’m not Amanda’s dad, so that’s not an issue.”

I folded my arms over my chest. “Still, you’re her guardian.”

“Her very single guardian.”

Oh, the eye-candy was so busted. I arched an eyebrow. “Really? And whom were you talking to on the phone on New Year’s saying I love you?”

He flicked my nose, an intimate gesture I was too slow to evade. “Amanda. I couldn’t take her to the club with me, so we had dinner together, and I left her with a baby-sitter.”

“You let her stay up so late?” I asked in an effort to divert his attention to a less dangerous subject.

“No, she insisted on setting the alarm clock and getting up to call me.”

“Ah.” A clever comeback indeed.

Okay, I now stood a reason short, but I refused to be deterred. I had a New Year’s Resolution to keep and a new life to live.

“You’re too nice,” I blurted out.

“Excuse me?”

I fought back a chuckle at his insulted tone.

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