Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Craziness Continues

Christmas is finally over and is it me or did the year fly by way too fast? I swear the other day it was November not the end of December. *sighs*

The holidays were nice and even though we spent the last few weeks running all over doing shopping and such, it was nice to see kids faces light up over their gifts and to see that our significant other found the perfect gifts for you.

My kids are off from school this week and with all their loot from Christmas, it has been a bit quiet today, thank god. They got a ton of gifts from both my side and DH's side of the family. I got some beautiful sweaters from DH and a ton of gift cards to my favorite places (bookstores and Cheesecake Factory) pkus some great movies/TV shows on DVD I was itching to watch. Seems DH was listening to me natter on when I mentioned somethng I wanted to see.LOL

We are planning on taking the kids bowling and maybe dinner out next weekend if time permits. My brother is home on leave from his Army National Guard unit and leaves Sunday to go back and we won't see him til May 2010 if all goes well.  Plus with New Years this week, we are planning our annual shingding featuring pizza, snacks and lots of Sparkling Grape Juuice. :)

Here is hoping 2010 brings you much success and love. Have a great holiday guys. Many Bright Blessings Upon You All.

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Amber Skyze said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas in your house! Happy New Year.

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