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I am not gay or bisexual but I hurt, just the same, for my friends who are, who experience the discrimination, the heartbreak that they are denied rights/desires, we straight heterosexual couples/people enjoy every day. Right now the country is in flux, as the religious right tries to force their brand of morality among the masses and uses the bible to push it. For myself, and this is my opinion only so don't go burning crosses on my lawn or anything please, that every person has the right to  love who they want, be it man, woman, monkey or alien. Do I care what goes on in a gay/lesbian/transgender couples bedroom? Oh hell no because I sure don't want anyone poking their nose in mine.

The time has come for people to stop using their religion to push their own moral agenda because frankly, as we know more and more people who are raising children in a gblt household, they are by far some of the most amazing people out there. As I have gotten older and have become friends with many authors who are gay-bisexual-transgender-lesbian, it has gotten to me that I do not want my kids to be living in a world where one group of people are persecuted just for falling in love and wanting that marriage that we heterosexual people take for granted. 

Recently a friend got married in NYC to his long term partner and I was thrilled to hear about it, see the pictures of the wedding and to share in their joy. This is what a loving relationship is-two people who find their soul-mate, the one who gets them completely and the joy of that love spread around. It isn't bigotry, hate or ugliness. People who are afraid that gays being allowed to marry need to understand...us straight people have done a number on marriage already and you know what, it didn't die or blow up from the shock...it quietly enfolded itself around two people who love one another so much they took that walk down the aisle. That is what a loving relationship is all about-two people finding the joy and love of one another. That is what it should be about. 

My son who is 10 asked me recently if I would be mad if he didn't like girls. Thinking to myself that it could be that phase of "girls are icky" or it could be he is gay, as I told him, 'whatever you are is more than fine by me.' Love has no colors, boundaries. This is what I hope m y kids see, learn and retain as they grow up. This is the world I want to leave them. The hate has to stop, the religious right has to stop using religion to bash their agendas through and we, as a nation, has to start to understand that gblt people are like you and me, no more, no less. They love, work, raise a family, pay taxes, teach our children, and are productive members of society. This is what I want people to see.....they are our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, neighbors, bakers, grocery cashiers and more. They are just like us and for that, I give my support to a group of people who have opened their arms, let me walk beside them and give them support as they face a world in flux, as they fight for their right to exist, to have the rights afforded to straight couples and to enjoy life like we take for granted. This is what I want for my children. Stop the hate. It will only backfire on you as karma comes around.

Thank you for listening to my ramble here. I do appreciate your time, attention and comments.


KimberlyFDR said…
Wonderful post! Thanks for taking part in the hop :)

Andi Anderson said…
Great post, Dawn:)

So true Dawn. All I want to ask is why? Why is their fear? Why is there hate? Why is there anger? Sad to say I dont have an answer. I wish for one day I would have the questions either.

Anne Brooke said…
Such a wonderful post - thank you!


Cherie Noel said…
Awesome post Dawn. Angel Martinez addresses some of the issues around spirituality in her post as well. You might enjoy it. http://www.freewebs.com/angelwrites/apps/blog/

Also, love your response to your son. I tell my girl all the time I don't care who she loves, as long as they treat her right they'll be okay with me.
Andrea said…
Great post, I agree with you and well said :)

andreagrendahl AT gmail DOT com
JP said…
Your son is lucky to have a mom like you - love and understanding is what it's all about! Cheers, JP
Fabian Black said…
Well said, Dawn. Love isn't exclusive, everyone is entitled to a share of it. It appals me that some people feel they have the right to embrace the beauty and comfort of love and committment and yet deny it to others on so called 'religious' grounds. Love is love and marriage is an expression of love, let it be denied to no one.
Dannyfiredragon said…
Fantastic post Dawn! Love is for everyone
Rissa said…
wonderful post! The answer you gave your son was spot on...i've been telling my kids since they've started asking about love....as long as the person they love, loves them back i'd be happy for them :)
Awesome post Dawn and in my opinion, the perfect response to your son's question. You're right that marriage is about people who love each other and want to be committed to each other. That's it. Neither gender, race, religion, education, nor social status should be a factor. And as long as all parties involved are of age and in possession of their mental faculties, age shouldn't be a determining factor either.

Thank you for this post.

DarienMoya said…
Great Post Dawn! I have similar conversations with my son. He isn't ten yet but I do try to explain to him that the world is a rainbow of colors and he can be any color he wants.
kerry said…
Thank you for sharing this with us today

kendallmckenna said…
Thanks so much for sharing, Dawn!
Anonymous said…
Beautifully said!

StacieD said…
I'm not LGBT but I am ver empathetic. I hurt for the people that are being bullied and denied their rights. I don't understand some people's need to be so hateful.

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com
Yvette said…
That was a wonderful post and your son is very lucky to have you as a mom!
N.J. Nielsen said…
Ramble away, thank you for taking the time to post for our hop. I have loved reading everyone's posts.

Leaundra said…
I so agree with you and I always find sad is straight people don't always realize how lucky we are to be able to marry.(I know how lucky I am) I have a family member that has been married at least 5 or 6 times. That's sad that they could marry that many times but someone who happens to be gay and been with their partner for tons of years can't. I just can't wrap my mind around that. Your son is lucky to have you:-)
Leaundra said…
Ugh forgot my email...
kaytee said…
Great post Dawn, but then again, your posts are always thoughtful.

alixtheweaver said…
I'm going to try again to leave a comment.
nancy said…
Great post. I will never understand the small-minded people of the world. The sad thing is that once this issue is resolved I'm afraid another will take it's place. Who knows who or what they will hate next.
Well said, Dawn. I don't understand the 'my way or the highway' mindset of some of these people either. There is no ONE way to live, believe or love. And using religion, any form, to pick through and brandish said lines as verbatim rules is incredibly draconian.

Regardless of how your son matures, he's got a great mom and family.
MA Church said…
Beautifully said. It's horrible more parents don't feel the same.

MA Church said…
*sigh* forgot my email. nomoretears00@hotmail.com

gigi said…
Great post. Thanks for participating in the HOP.

akasarahmadison said…
Great post, Dawn! Your son is lucky to have you for a mother. :-)
Layladawna said…
Great post I am so glad that this hop is going on so I can hear so many people's stories and viewpoints.

burchills AT gmail DOT com
L.M. Brown said…
Thank you for taking part in the hop and sharing your "ramble" with us. I am sure your son, if he does turn out to prefer boys to girls, will be very thankful to have a mum like you.

lmbrownauthor at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
Great post Dawn.
Agree with the sentiments.
People aren't defined by their orientation.
Love is great, whatever package it happens to come in.

Erica Pike said…
Your son is very lucky to have you, whether or not he's gay. All children who have accepting parents are lucky. How parents can turn their kids away for wanting to be who they are is just horrifying.

eripike at gmail dot com
~Ley said…
I think you expressed the sentiments of alot of people on this hop, Dawn, and very eloquently. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

diannehartsock said…
If we treat eachother with love and tolerance, there's no room for hate. Wonderful post, Dawn.
SheriV said…
You son is lucky to have such a great mom. :) I wish there comes a day that we don't have to hurt for our friends and family who have to deal with hate sometimes even on a daily basis.

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com
Juliana said…
Thanks so much for being part of this hop!
Sharon S said…
Well said, Dawn! A beautiful post. I absolutely agree with you.

Peggy said…
Thanks for the post, the hop has been great.


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