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Guest Post – Spotlight – By book, My World.

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Book Title: The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I

Author (s): A. L. Butcher

Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Fantasy Romance


In a dark world where magic is illegal, and elves are enslaved a young elven sorceress runs for her life from the house of her evil Keeper. Pursued by his men and the corrupt Order of Witch-Hunters she must find sanctuary. As the slavers roll across the lands stealing elves from what remains of their ancestral home the Witch-Hunters turn a blind eye to the tragedy and a story of power, love and a terrible revenge unfolds.


18 rated for adult scenes, themes and violence.


Tell us about your characters:

Dii’Athella Ar’thina, known as Dii is the primary female character - she’s an Elven sorceress in a world where elves are, essentially slaves, and magic is forbidden. She’s a Kept – a slave/concubine to a nobleman – Lord Joset Tremayne, who treats her very unkindly. She has no rights, not even to her own person, no property and if she leaves his lands she’s fair game for the Order of Witch-Hunters who hate all mages.

Lord Archos of Tremellic – He’s a mysterious nobleman, and an arch sorcerer who lives in a remote area of the land. He likes elves, and he and his household help elves and those who fall prey to the Slavers and Witch-Hunters where they can. Archos appears as a reclusive rich eccentric, but in reality he’s the dangerous Oncoming Storm – a thorn in the side of the slavers and the Order of Witch-Hunters.

Olek – Ostensibly the manservant and confidante of Archos, but also the feared thief/assassin known as the Shadowdancer. A half-elven male adept, weaponsmaster and alchemist he appears good natured, obsessed with food and good with a sword. A master of lies, deception and making people dead.

Ozena a young Forest Elf who braves the human lands seeking help to find her missing sister when their village is destroyed by slavers. A huntress and scout she is adept with a bow but naïve, and sheltered.

Lord Joset Tremayne – Lord of Reldfield. A human, wealthy nobleman – and Dii’s Keeper. He has dealings with the slavers, for his own gain and pleasures and largely neglects his lands in the pursuit of his own pleasures. He is the main ‘bad guy’

Ulric Tremayne – bastard son and heir of Lord Joset, foster brother of Dii. He fears his father’s wrath, particularly towards his mother, Malana if Dii displeases Joset, goes to seek Dii to return her, but still treats her as property. He’s not a ‘bad guy’ as such, he simply does little to help Dii, or to change his father’s behaviour. He’s complacent to the situation and rather arrogant.

What is the setting?

Erana is a world of magic, tyranny, and division.

Possession of magic is illegal, but magic doesn’t know or care and goes where it likes. Most people who are magical hide it, or don’t understand that’s what it is. Maybe they are a little faster, or a better healer, or a better craftsperson than average, Many villages would have a wise woman or cunning man to offer healing, or predict the weather, or tame the beasts but such people live a precarious existence. It needs one failure, or one person to complain and the Witch-Hunters are at the door.

There are still magical creatures on the fringes, within the mountains and the Shimmering Forest and in the remote areas.

The Order of Witch-Hunters rule by divide and rule – keep the general populous hating the elves and mages and too ignorant to understand the lies – or to afraid to speak out. Slavers roam the lands – mostly looking for elves but anyone is fair game. They take human children, women and those without papers and the Witch-Hunters do nothing, unless it suits the Order. They get a cut of gold from the Slavers so it’s in the Order’s interest to maintain slavery. A fearful population is easily controlled.

After the Great Plague and the wars martial law was instigated by the rulers at the time to ‘protect’ the populus. Three-hundred years later the Order has become a corrupt and cruel organisation who aren’t planning to give up being in charge easily. There are very few people alive who can remember the time before the Plague came, or the rule of the Order.

Literacy and knowledge are not encouraged in the general population, so many people are ignorant of the reality, or believe the lies. What is truth and what is a lie are relative in Erana. The fact is the rule of the Order, the presence of the Slavers and the subjugation of the elves has been normality for a long time and most people either won’t or can’t do anything to change the status quo.


The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles Book I

Dii fled to a room, small and sparse, containing little more than a small bed and a wooden armoire. Setting her staff in the armoire, she removed her damp clothes and boots, changing into a patched long dark woollen skirt and petticoats with a black bodice and a grey blouse. The clothes were not clean and smelled musty but at least were dry. With luck she could trade for some more, this hamlet did not look like it came supplied with a resident apothecary. Stuffing her dagger into her belt, she hoped she would not have need of it. Barefoot whilst her boots dried, she returned to the common room to find a steaming bowl of mutton stew, fresh rolls, and a warm spiced cider. Dii heard the muttering and tried to ignore the stares and murmuring from nearby tables, and the whispers from behind her, as she began to eat.

A man moved closer to the table and hissed, “Witch, you bring the storm. You are Elfkind, so your magic must bring the storm. Do not think we tolerate your kind here. Where is your Keeper, Witch?” As he moved closer, he took a seat and snarled, “I bet you fetch a goodly price, Witch. Are you trained as a whore?” Reaching across the table, he grabbed her hair and tried to pull the young woman across it towards him.

Resisting the urge to use her magic in such a public place, she tried to squirm away, painfully tearing out a chunk of hair. “Go away! Leave me be! I am no whore, I am just a herbalist.” Before Dii had a chance to reach for the dagger, a man intervened and pulled her assailant away.

“Get home to your poor wife, Ranulf, and leave the wench alone. Elf or no, she is not for your taking if she refuses,” said the bystander. “He is nothing but an ignorant fool, miss. He will not be a bother again. From what I hear, he could not have made good his threat anyway,” continued the man.

Ranulf skulked away, muttering and slamming the door. Dii's protector went and sat alone at his table. Watching the elf, he said, “I like my own company, miss. I am not the social type, but I will not see a woman threatened.” He drained his mug and, taking one last glance at the pretty elf, he ventured back through the storm to his own dwelling in the smithy.


Dii and her friends appear in the following.

Book links and synopses


The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book I

In a dark world where magic is illegal, and elves are enslaved a young elven sorceress runs for her life from the house of her evil Keeper. Pursued by his men and the corrupt Order of Witch-Hunters she must find sanctuary. As the slavers roll across the lands stealing elves from what remains of their ancestral home the Witch-Hunters turn a blind eye to the tragedy and a story of power, love and a terrible revenge unfolds.

18 rated.


The Shining Citadel – The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book II


Who rules in this game of intrigue where magic is forbidden, and elves enslaved? Journey where beliefs shatter like glass, truth is unwelcome, and monsters from ancient times abound: share the romance and revenge, magic and passion, and the wages of greed in a world of darkest fantasy.

(18 rated)

Universal Link


The Stolen Tower  – The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – Book III

What stalks the land cannot be, but is.

Where magic is outlawed a troll Shaman calls from her deathbed to her heiress, Mirandra Var, daughter of the storm. Mirandra vows to find her missing kin, sort friend from foe, and claim the dangerous secrets guarded by unthinkable creatures. If she succeeds, she will become the leader of her tribe. If she fails, there will be no tribe to lead.

Universal link

Author Bio

British-born A. L. Butcher is an avid reader and creator of worlds, a poet, and a dreamer, a lover of science, natural history, history, and monkeys. Her prose has been described as ‘dark and gritty’ and her poetry as ‘evocative’. She writes with a sure and sometimes erotic sensibility of things that might have been, never were, but could be.

Alex is the author of the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles and the Tales of Erana lyrical fantasy series. She also has several short stories in the fantasy, fantasy romance genres with occasional forays into gothic style horror, including the Legacy of the Mask series. With a background in politics, classical studies, ancient history and myth, her affinities bring an eclectic and unique flavour in her work, mixing reality and dream in alchemical proportions that bring her characters and worlds to life.

She also curates speculative fiction themed book bundles on Pubshare - for the most part - the Here Be Series

Alex is also proud to be a writer for Perseid Press where her work features in Heroika: Dragon Eaters, Heroika Skirmishers – where she was editor and cover designer as well as writer – as well as Lovers in Hell and Mystics in Hell – part of the acclaimed Heroes in Hell series.


Outside the Walls, co-written with Diana L. Wicker received a Chill with a Book Reader’s Award in 2017.

NN Light Book Heaven awards:

The Kitchen Imps and Other Dark Tales won the best fantasy for 2018

Echoes of a Song - one of her Phantom tales – won the best fantasy in 2019

Tears and Crimson Velvet won the best Short Story category in 2020

Dark Tales and Twisted Verses – won the best Short Story Category in 2021



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Cover Reveal: Corrupt Intentions Anthology


Do you like your heroes to be a little more... anti-hero?


From MC’s to assassins, mafia bosses to mercenaries, and everything in between, we all love a dark hero. Dive into stories from your favorite authors as they create the villains you love to hate, the truly evil madmen, and the bad boy with the tough shell but a soft heart for those they care about.


Whether you prefer reading about captives or heroines who fight back, each story will take you on a wild ride of passion, danger, and heart-stopping romance. So get ready to indulge your wildest fantasies and fall in love with the bad boys who will steal your heart and leave you breathless.


Don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive, limited edition set.


We can’t wait to corrupt you…


Including Stories from:

Winter Travers - Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author

Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author

Cassie Verano - USA Today bestselling author

Siren Allen - USA Today bestselling author

Lara Norman

Harley Wylde

Charmaine Louise Shelton

Jordana Pearce

Sue Brown

Marteeka Karland

TL Reeve / Michele Ryan

Angel Vane

Sabine Barclay

Brooklyn Cross

JC Jaye

Anne Roman

Nicole Cypher

Manda Mellett

Melverna McFarlane

T.L. Hodel

B. Lybaek / Sarah JD

Ashley Kay

Cori Zahara

Tara Lee

Linda Marie Pankow



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Book Spotlight/Giveaway: The Charterhouse of Evil

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Janice Tremayne will be awarding an Audiobook of The Infants Spirits (Book 4) Haunting Clarisse Series to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Bound to life old and new, the sins of the departed still haunt her. When wickedness infects the innocent, can she see the curse undone?

Western Australia. Clarisse Garcia is ready to return stronger than ever. With her husband by her side, the plucky spirit hunter is back on familiar territory with an assignment for Benedictine monks. And now she’s out to vanquish whatever evil is plaguing the monastic village that caused orphans to mysteriously die.

With what could be a voracious demon on her hands, Clarisse partners up with a man who grew up in the local orphanage to investigate suspicious activities. And as they dig through the monastery’s shrouded history, she discovers that some of these servants of God might not be as benign as they claim… and she may be their next quarry.

Can this driven woman end the impiety before more lives are sent to the grave?

The Charterhouse of Evil is the shocking fifth book in the Haunting Clarisse supernatural horror series. If you like bold characters, adrenaline-spiking investigations, and jaw-dropping twists and turns, then you’ll love Janice Tremayne’s malevolent tale.

Read an Excerpt

“So, what do you have to say for yourself this time? Cat got your tongue?” The voice was more pronounced now, with a slight echo. It had a cheeky twist to it.

Father Fitzgerald took hold of his glass of red wine and guzzled it before slamming the glass on the table. There was an endless supply of the red sacramental stuff that he had stolen from the distillery—his only retreat from the monastic life and the dust that penetrated every nook and cranny.

Dust, dust, and even more red dust everywhere—on the bed sheets, the floor, and the table. It also managed to cover his one-inch, overgrown beard.

He ignored the voice for a while, though it was futile—the devil wanted something, and it was payback time. Eventually, he knew he would have to turn around and confront the demonic presence once again and settle his debt.

“The grog isn’t going to solve your problems, monk. You have so many issues that you would need gallons of the stuff. While you drink yourself into oblivion every night, your worries only come back to haunt you the next day. Your devious thoughts are saturating your feeble mind with uncontrollable lust.” The demon scoffed at him then laughed.

“We made our deal, and I delivered the boy to you. Aren’t we done, demon?” Father Fitzgerald pointed toward the ominous shadow in front of him. He knew it was the demon; he had seen it many times before.

“Oh, not so fast, monk. Yes, you delivered, but there is still one problem.” The demon paused for a moment as the room filled with an eerie silence.

“What is it?”

“Hmm, your state of mind. You have become a risk to my enterprise. You have delivered, all right, but you are a drunken fool and a deviant; a man who is not in control of himself. That means you’re a problem … a big problem.”

About the Author:
Janice Tremayne is an award-winning supernatural horror writer from Australia. Her acclaimed novel, Haunting Hartley, was a finalist in the Readers' Favorite 2020 International Book Awards in fiction-supernatural and was awarded the distinguished favorite prize for paranormal horror at the New York City Big Book Awards. She was recently awarded the silver medal at the IPPY Awards 2021 Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Rim – Best Regional Fiction and the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2020 Bronze Award in Adult Fiction.

Janice is an emerging Australian author who lives with her family in Melbourne. The Haunting Clarisse series has regularly reached number one in the Amazon kindle rankings for Occult Supernatural, Ghosts and Haunted Houses, and British Horror for hot new releases/bestsellers. Janice is well-versed in her cultural superstitions and how they influence daily life and customs. She grew up in a family with a cultural heritage where religious taboos and superstitions were entrenched into their way of life. This fascinated her as she was growing up and laid the foundations for developing a passion and style for writing supernatural horror novels for adult readers.

Writing the Haunting Clarisse series was spawned over a cup of coffee many years ago when she finally decided to put pen to paper, and she has never looked back. Her books contain heart-thumping, bone-chilling, and thought-provoking paranormal experiences that deliver a new twist to every tale to the delight of her readers worldwide.


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Discover Broken Dreams by Abbie Roads/Giveaway

Broken Dreams
Abbie Roads
(Beautiful Nightmare, #2)
Publication date: May 9th 2023
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

A stalker. A killer. A v!rg!n hero who will sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves.

FBI Special Skills Consultant Lathan Montgomery has a genetic anomaly that he uses to solve cold cases, but it forces him to live in seclusion. When he saves a woman from a roadside attack, instead of her presence causing him to lose control, she soothes him. For the first time in his life, he experiences love.

But someone is watching them and planning to make them both suffer.

Broken Dreams is the second book in Abbie Roads’ Beautiful Nightmare Series of dark romantic thrillers. It features a v!rg!n hero who never thought he’d find love. If you devour true crime and romance novels then you’ll love a series that combines both in a roller-coaster ride of danger, mind games, and swoon worthy love.

Buy this dangerously dark romance today!

Trigger warning: Depictions of SA and violence.

Previously published under the title Hunt the Dawn

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:

Abbie Roads is the best-selling author of the Fatal Dreams Series and the Fatal Truth Series. Her novels have been finalists in many prestigious contests including The Golden Heart, The Greater Detroit Booksellers Best, The Oklahoma National Readers’ Choice Award, The Write Touch, The Strut Your Stuff Contest, The Aspen Gold Contest, The Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, The Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award, The Midnight Sun, The Kathryn Hayes Contest, The Chanticleer, The Daphne du Maurier, The National Readers’ Choice Award, The New England Readers’ Choice Contest, The Beverly Award, and The Maggie Award. Her debut novel Race the Darkness was Publishers Weekly Top 10 Pick for Fall and Never Let Me Fall is an Amazon Editor’s Pick.

By day Abbie Roads is a mental health counselor always focusing on the bright side. By night she writes on the dark side, putting her characters through the wringer before she gives them their happily-ever-after. She loves a good inspirational quote and is a fan of true crime.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Book Spotlight/Giveaway: Matching the Marquess (Lords in Love Series)


Check out the newest Lords in Love book by author Darcy Burke, Matching the Marquess and make sure to enter the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win from the author: Darcy Burke will be awarding the first two books in the Wicked Dukes Club series (One Night for Seduction and One Night of Surrender) - US winner's choice of ebook or print, and international winner ebook only, to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.  The tour is sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions and you can find all the tour stops HERE.

Matching the Marquess

by Darcy Burke

GENRE: Historical Romance (Regency) 


Benjamin Nash, Marquess of Creslow, must marry, for he is the last of the family line. Desirous of a business arrangement instead of a love match, he hires a matchmaker, but on the way to the May Day festival where he will meet her, as well as his matches, he encounters an alluring lady who may suit him perfectly...


After her husband's death left her a pauper, Rebecca Sweet relied on family for help and in return guided two of them to successful marriages. Engaged with her first real client, she plans to present him a gaggle of young ladies eager to wed. But when she realizes the marquess is the same dashing gentleman she met on the way to the festival, the task becomes far more complicated. Attraction simmers between them, however Nash wants a loveless marriage and Rebecca would only wed again for love. She must find him a bride before she loses her heart forever.


Exclusive Excerpt:


“You may want to be less...charming than normal.”


Nash was swallowing a mouthful of sweet bun as laughter jumped up his throat. He coughed and took a drink of tea. “Why?”


She lifted a shoulder. “You don’t want anyone to fall in love with you. Perhaps you should also mess your hair or scuff your boots.”


“I’m too charming and too attractive?”


“You could also stop smiling. Yes, that might help.”


He couldn’t stop the shout of laughter that leapt from him. Or the thread of heat her words stoked. She must find him charming and attractive. And that make him a little giddy.


It took a few minutes, but Nash schooled his features into a scowl and jutted his chin out. “How’s this?”


“Try grunting.”


He made a wholly primal sound in his throat.


She giggled. “That may be a trifle too much.”


“I daresay I’m going to confuse everyone. If they’ve heard of my reputation, they will expect a rakish cavalier. Instead, they’ll encounter a brooding stoic.”


She shook her head. “Don’t brood. Too many young ladies find that attractive. Blame gothic love stories. And Lord Byron.”



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AUTHOR Bio and Links:


USA Today Bestselling Author Darcy Burke loves history, her family, and cats (not in that in that order). She’s published over fifty captivating, compelling historical and contemporary romance novels and novellas. It all started with The Magic Swan when she was 11 years old, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him—with exceedingly poor illustrations. She still has plenty of ideas and writes (it seems) constantly in between hanging with her family, playing games, listening to the Dave Matthews Band, bingeing period TV shows, and chilling with her seven rescue cats. Join her Reader Club at


Facebook: Darcyburkefans

Facebook group: DarcysDuchesses






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Tour Stop and Giveaway: Harley Wylde's Attila

Harley Wylde
(Savage Raptors MC, #2)
Publication date: May 26th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Solena — At the age of fifteen, my parents forced me to give my baby up for adoption. I never got to see his little face or hold him. All these years later, it still hurts — so much that one night I decide to dull the pain with alcohol and sex. There’s only one man I want, but the President of the Savage Raptors MC might be more than I can handle. I’ve had a crush on him for a while now. He says he can only offer one night. I want more. I want it all.

Atilla — Lost my woman seventeen years ago. Thought I’d lost my daughter too… until she showed up on my doorstep. Now I have a pregnant teen living with me, and a woman who wants more than I’m able to give her. Solena is far too young for me. Hell, she’s barely older than my daughter. So why is keeping my distance so damn difficult? Is it really okay to fall in love again?

WARNING: Atilla has a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. There are subjects some readers may find difficult to read. Recommended for readers 18+ due to adult content.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo



I didn’t know why I was here. This wasn’t my scene. The music was too loud, the women too wild, and the smoke nearly choked me. So why the hell hadn’t I turned around and gone home? The man at the end of the bar was the only reason I hadn’t run for the hills.

I’d seen him around town. In fact, he often came to the café where his daughter worked. The pregnant teen was working on her GED and waiting tables. I’d once been in her shoes, so I could sympathize. Except, I didn’t get to keep my baby. I’d been fifteen when my boyfriend didn’t take no for an answer. The result had been a little boy. One I’d never even gotten to hold. My parents had told the doctor to take him away before I even got a good look, and I had no idea where he was now.

I’d tried to find out, but I had had no luck. The place my parents supposedly used for the adoption had never existed. My stomach churned every time I thought about it. What had happened to my little boy? Was he okay? Did a loving family get him? Today he was especially on my mind, since it was his birthday. Which was the second reason I’d come here. I’d wanted a distraction so I wouldn’t think about him. Obviously, it wasn’t working.

I took a swallow of the cocktail I’d ordered and tried to get the courage to speak to the President of the Savage Raptors. He’d always seemed nice when he’d stopped by to visit Casey. We’d exchanged a few words here and there. Every time I got close to him, my heart raced, and I fought the urge to reach out my hand and touch him. Something about him called to me. I’d never been the type to go for bad boys or rough men. Atilla looked like both, and yet, I’d seen how gentle he was with Casey. Perhaps it was that side of him I yearned for.

More than once, I’d gone to sleep hugging my pillow, wondering what it would be like to have Atilla lying next to me. I didn’t know what I found so fascinating about him. I knew people would say he was too old for me. Their opinions didn’t matter. I’d never been so drawn to someone before, and I found him to be the sexiest man in town. Possibly in the entire world.

“You going to keep staring at him or go make a move?” someone asked from beside me. I startled and glanced in the man’s direction. Spade was on his leather cut, along with Vice President.

“Was I being that obvious?” I asked. Should I wipe my chin? Had I been drooling over the man? Wouldn’t be the first time. One of my co-workers once threw a napkin at me after Atilla left the café. I’d literally been salivating over him like a dog after a bone.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’ve seen him wave off every woman who approached so far. I have a feeling he won’t turn you away. You’re different from the other women here. I can’t quite figure out why you came to a party at the clubhouse. You don’t seem like the sort to do this kind of thing.”

“I’m not. It’s my first time doing anything like this, and I’m extremely nervous.”

Spade smiled faintly. “You came for him, didn’t you?”

I nodded. I couldn’t deny it. The alcohol in my system hadn’t been enough to give me the courage to go up to him. I wasn’t sure anything could help me. What was I expecting from this, anyway? I wasn’t the one-night-stand type, and I didn’t think the man had come here to find a girlfriend. When I’d thought about getting a drink and possibly getting closer to Atilla, my brain hadn’t gone as far as the next step.

I yearned to speak with him. Get closer to him. If he kissed me, I might die from both pleasure and a shock to my system. In all this time, I’d never desired anyone. With Atilla, I found myself watching him whenever he was nearby, and wanting nothing more than to cuddle up to him. I couldn’t help but think if a man like him were part of my life, things would be different. It wouldn’t change my financial issues, but having someone to lean on, to give me their support and a little affection would have meant the world to me. Not just anyone… him. It had to be Atilla or no one.

Truth be told, I hadn’t slept with anyone since that one time. Then again, I didn’t consider what my boyfriend had done to me to be considered sex. He’d raped me. I knew it. He knew it. Everyone else thought I’d given consent, then changed my mind after the fact and made a fuss over nothing. Even my parents hadn’t believed me.

“Maybe I should just leave,” I said.

“Or you could follow me.” He snatched up my glass, and I hurried after him, keeping an eye on the open beverage. I knew nothing about these men, or what they were capable of. He wouldn’t put something in it, would he? I chased him down, only to come to a halt next to Atilla. Spade set my glass on the bar beside Atilla’s beer, then motioned to the empty stool. “Sit. Talk. But stop staring at him like a creeper.”

My cheeks warmed, and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. Atilla’s lips kicked up on one corner and I saw the amusement in his eyes. I sat down and took another swallow of my drink. Then drained the glass. Atilla motioned to the guy behind the bar and before I knew it, I had a fresh drink sitting in front of me.

“You’re Solena, right?” he asked.

He remembered my name? It pleased me more than it should have. It wasn’t like he said I was special or anything. Just because he knew who I was didn’t mean anything. For all I knew, he remembered every person he ever met.

“Yeah. I work with Casey at the café.” Way to state the obvious, idiot.

“So, why did you come here?” Atilla asked.

“To see you.” I winced. I hadn’t meant to blurt it out. It seemed the alcohol was affecting me more than I’d realized.

“That right?” He grinned. “And what were you hoping to gain from it?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

He eyed me up and down. “Well, you’re showing off more than you usually do, but you’re still overdressed for a place like this.”

I looked around the room and noticed most of the women were naked already. And the things they were doing… I quickly turned my head. It felt like my face was on fire, and I knew I could never be like those women. Not that I condemned them for being so free. It just wasn’t something I could ever do. I had stretch marks from my pregnancy, and a little extra around the middle. I’d be too embarrassed to strip naked in front of everyone.

“Come on. I’m getting a fucking headache. Grab your drink.” Atilla stood, picking up his beer.

I picked my cocktail up and followed him toward the back of the building. He entered a door at the end of the hall and flipped on the lights. It looked like a boardroom. Well, a rustic version of one. The wood table looked sturdy. He pulled out one of the leather chairs and motioned for me to sit.

“Is it okay for me to set my glass down?” I asked.

He snorted. “Not going to hurt anything.”

With the door closed, it was far quieter than it had been in the main room. The fact we were alone made butterflies riot in my stomach. I didn’t know why he’d brought me in here. Did he expect something?

Author Bio:

Harley Wylde is the International Bestselling Author of the Dixie Reapers MC, Devil's Boneyard MC, and Hades Abyss MC series.
When Harley's writing, her motto is the hotter the better -- off the charts sex, commanding men, and the women who can't deny them. If you want men who talk dirty, are sexy as hell, and take what they want, then you've come to the right place. She doesn't shy away from the dangers and nastiness in the world, bringing those realities to the pages of her books, but always gives her characters a happily-ever-after and makes sure the bad guys get what they deserve.

The times Harley isn't writing, she's thinking up naughty things to do to her husband, drinking copious amounts of Starbucks, and reading. She loves to read and devours a book a day, sometimes more. She's also fond of TV shows and movies from the 1980's, as well as paranormal shows from the 1990's to today, even though she'd much rather be reading or writing.

You can find out more about Harley or enter her monthly giveaway on her website. Be sure to join her newsletter while you're there to learn more about discounts, signing events, and other goodies!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bookbub / TikTok

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Book Tour Stop/Giveaway: Until I'm Safe in Your Arms

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Can a wager to find a wife turn into a true love match?

Entered into a wager that he can wed within a week, Captain Alex Bancroft pursues the first pretty woman he meets: Miss Emma Washer. Their courtship proceeds at a furious pace, including a dalliance that might ruin them both. Before it can, Alex proposes and is stunned when Emma agrees to marry him. Alex desperately tries to keep word of the wager from his new wife, not knowing Emma has secrets of her own to keep.

As passion erupts between the newly wed pair, the circumstances of Emma’s past threaten to tear them asunder. Alex’s regiment is directed to sail to a place Emma dares not go.

She refuses to accompany him, leaving Alex with a devastating choice: leave England to fulfil duty to Queen and country or stay and revel in his newfound love for his wife?

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As soon as they reached the flowered arbor, Emma ducked into its shadowy depths. Its coolness came as a welcomed surprise and the perfume of the overhanging blooms made her head spin with the heavy scent. Alex held the swing and she sank onto it gratefully. Between the heat without, the sudden coolness within, the intense sweetness of the flowers, and Alex’s presence, her head had begun to spin. She glanced up at him and patted the seat by her. “Will you sit beside me?”

“In a moment, perhaps.” He strode to the edge of the bower and peered down the path they’d just taken. His head moved back and forth as he scanned the garden, then apparently satisfied with what he saw, Alex turned back to her. “Good. It seems we are very much alone.”

Emma’s eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat as he dropped gracefully to one knee and took her hand.

“We have known one another for only a matter of days, Emma, but I believe you to be the loveliest woman of my acquaintance. Sweet, kind, beautiful…” He grinned. “And the tiniest bit naughty, making you the perfect woman for me.”

Gazing into his deep blue eyes staring so intently at her, Emma could scarcely breathe beyond little hitching gasps. Was this real? Was she about to hear the question she’d longed to answer ever since seeing him…was it only three days ago? Her hands trembled in his grip. Dear God, don’t let her faint.

About the Author:
Jenna Jaxon is a best-selling author of historical romance, writing in a variety of time periods because she believes that passion is timeless. She has been reading and writing historical romance since she was a teenager. A romantic herself, Jenna has always loved a dark side to the genre, a twist, suspense, a surprise. She tries to incorporate all these elements into her own stories.

She lives in Virginia with her family and a small menagerie of pets--including Olive, an almost silent cat, Earl Grey, a very curious bunny, and a Shar-pei mix named Frenchie.


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