Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Personal Review for Artistic Pursuit by Andrew Grey

Artistic Pursuits is the third book in Andrew Grey's Art Series and one that adds a bit of action to the romance. Get ready for art thefts, romance and a little humor tossed in to keep things interesting in Artistic Pursuits.

My Rating for Artistic Pursuits is: 4 Stars

For FBI agent Frank Jennings, this case is not just about lost windows but about redemption. For Interpol Agent Leslie Carlton, it’s about finally nailing the SOB who is buying the stolen Tiffany items. For both of these men, finding that love is knocking on their door scares them to pieces as their one night of passion has them moving in separate directions the next day-Leslie back to Europe and Frank back on the job. Until Frank gets a break in the art theft case that has Leslie back in his life and now the time is of the essence as these two figure out how to trap a thief and listen to their hearts.

Andrew Grey is one talented author. He pushes the envelope with his latest Art series story with Artistic Pursuits and delves into the world of art theft, Interpol and the FBI. I loved how he told this latest story in the series and the action that he added gives a whole new dimension to it, which I absolutely loved. He creates a visually stunning story with his writing, like an artist paints a picture; you see the beautiful canvas in your mind as his words stream across it. This is an author with a gift of storytelling and one who is my absolute favorites to read. With captivating characters, fast paced storylines and simmering sexual tension between his main characters, we are sucked into a world where art thieves are in the shadows and love is there for the taking-if these two hard working, stubborn detectives can just admit it to themselves first.

Mr. Grey does a wonderful job in creating characters you can enjoy and relate to. Both Leslie and Frank have issues from their respective pasts but it doesn’t stop them from trusting one another. Frank has some intriguing co-workers I wouldn’t mind getting to know more of in future books and they helped move the story along nicely. 

Artistic Pursuits also brought back the main characters from Artistic Appeal-Brian and Nicolai-that had me grinning in delight. Artistic Pursuits is more than a character driven story- it also had some mean action that had me on the edge of my seat eager to see the final result of Frank and Leslie’s investigation.Andrew Grey has another winner on his hands here and I can not wait to see what else he conjures in the future for his readers.

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