January Author of the Month~ Brantwijn Serrah

The Pact
Series: The Dark Roads Saga Book 1
Publisher: Brantwijn Serrah
Dark Fantasy, Occult
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When you walk in the land of the Reaper, who will survive?
Serenity Walker has cast runes for as long as she can remember. Her teachers call her a prodigy, and her secret studies hold the key to unlimited potential. Once an orphan left on an old woman's doorstep, Serenity finally belongs. But when her mentor is murdered right in front of her, her hopes of a home die with him. Her quest for vengeance leads her into a dangerous deal with a demon. Armed with its dark power and her own talent with the runes, she blazes a trail across the lands where ranchers and railroad men are kings, where the prevailing law is the law of the gun. To find the man who reshaped her past, Serenity offers up her future. She'll face a world where weavers are hunted down to be hanged, whipped, or burned alive...but she won't face it alone.
As Serenity's mission takes her farther than most weavers are willing to go, she'll have to decide who her true enemy is: the wicked men of the world, or the powerful demon inside her.

His Cemetery Doll
Publisher: Foreplay and Fangs Erotic Romance
Horror, Paranormal Erotic Romance
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He's not superstitious. She's about to change his mind.
There's a woman in the graveyard, and like it or not, Conall Mackay's got a haunting on his hands. What strange forces crafted this porcelain beauty from the cemetery mists? What is she trying to tell him?
Is she there to warn him? Or to take some gruesome vengeance on his town?

Series: The Dark Roads Saga, Book 3
Publisher: Brantwijn Serrah
Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction
Available at Amazon

She was warned never to enter the Rachalör. Now she's lost in its endless darkness.

Serenity Walker's been in bad straits before, but things have gone from bad to worse, to hopeless. Stranded behind enemy lines in a wilderness festering with dark power, Serenity's out of options. With her magic and defenses stripped away from her, Serenity is every demon's prey.

But there's more to fear than monsters. Somewhere within herself, Serenity has stumbled across new memories. Memories that don't belong to her, but to the ancient, angry spirit behind the birth of this evil place. Hidden secrets overwhelm Serenity's mind... and lurking behind them, growing ever meaner, is a mad apparition that doesn't like the intrusion. 

About the Author

When she isn't visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can't handle coffee unless there's enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours watching Futurama, Claymore or Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she writes or draws.

Brantwijn has published several full length erotic novels with Champagne Press, and has just released her first full-length supernatural western, The Pact. In addition to these, Brantwijn has had several other stories published through various small presses. She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog at http://brantwijn.blogspot.com. 

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Brantwijn Serrah said...

Thank you for selecting me as the Author of the Month! I'm so happy to be featured!

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