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Guest Author Day with Donna Steele

Please give a warm welcome to author Donna Steele who drops in for a chat today at the Reading Nook about their latest book, Another Time.

Thanks for stopping by to talk a little about your writing! Let's jump right in. When did you begin writing and why?
I’ve said that I always wrote, but I can prove it now. When my husband and I downsized and moved to our condo, I found a manuscript that I wrote when I was seven. The stories in my head needed to be set down and kept (though that one from seven years old won’t see light any time soon.

Do you have a favorite genre? Is it the same genre you prefer to write?
My favorite to read is Science Fiction/Paranormal. That started when in 3rd grade my mother saw I had taken the paperback of Slan by A. E. vanVogt to school for spare time reader. She took it from me and said girls didn’t read science fiction – sealed my fate, I didn’t read anything else for years.

Yes, it is my favorite to write, because I can’t always find what I want to read in the genre. I like stories that could happen, just with a little twist…

Do certain themes and ideas tend to capture your writer’s imagination and fascinate you?
I always throw in some ecology references. Since I have kids and now a grandkid, I worry about global warning. I’ve written some books specifically about the phenomena, but I mention it in every book.

How do you balance long-term thinking vs. being nimble in today's market?
I’m not good at writing for the market. I tend to write what I want to read and I’m always thrilled when someone finds it and enjoys it as well.

How do you find readers in today's market?
Good question. I’m fortunate to have a group that has been reading me since I wrote fanfic for the X-Files and followed me into publishing. They have been a “street team” for me since before I knew what that was. I hope they continue and people continue to find me.

Do you come up with the hook first, or do you create characters first and then dig through until you find a hook?
I’m a committed pantser. The characters come to me and demand that their story be told.

How do you create your characters?
Sometimes I believe they have created me. At times I’d say I was channeling them rather than writing them. When they take over, I give them their head. They’re usually right because they know themselves better than I do at the beginning of the story.

What's on the top of your TBR pile right now?
I just picked up No Darker Place by Debra Webb tonight and I’m loving it.

Tell me a little about the characters in Another TIme.
I write strong women, women that have broken away or reinvented themselves on their own. In Another Time, my heroine, Dr. Dee Stevens, a trauma doctor meets Dr. Dustin Williams, a scientist who works on green energy at a bar when both are at their lowest. Dee isn’t looking for a relationship, working on her career at a new hospital. Dusty doesn’t do relationships at all. He was at the bar feeling sorry for himself because of his job. When they find themselves lost in 1891, the only ones who know what is happening to them, they both grow in ways they didn’t see coming and learn that having someone at the back can come in handy.

In 1891, prior to women even having the vote, Dee is a fish out of water and subtly begins to push women’s rights. Dusty spends his time teaching the children in town about recycling and green energy to counter things that “might” happen in the future.

Where’s the story set? How much influence did the setting have on the atmosphere/characters/development of the story?
The story is set in a community near Washington, DC in 1891. The proximity of the capital near a small town where two people can make a difference is vital to the changes they inadvertently make in the timeline.

If you had to write your memoir in five words, what would you write?
High school was not the apex!

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae?
Constantly, especially with this time travel – loading the dishwasher, the laundry, so many things weren’t available to them would send me on a tangent often.

What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you?
I have the second book in the series back from the publisher for editing now – A Different Time continues the adventures of Dusty and Dee.

Guardians of Now Book 1
Paranormal Romance
Soulmate Publishing
Available at Amazon

When Dusty Williams goes into a strange bar to contemplate the ruination of his career, the last thing he expects to find is a compelling woman. He’s not even in the mood to get laid. He just wants to escape from all humanity.
Dee Stevens can’t believe she’s in a bar at all. She’s just lost two patients due to drunk driving. Whatever could have drawn her into a strange bar tonight of all times?
When the two meet, and they feel that odd vibration that seems to pull them together, they have no idea what’s ahead, or behind, them and what it can mean for mankind.
“You’re in Braddock Crossing.”
The name meant nothing to Dusty. From her expression, the same held true for Dee.
Dee opened her mouth to ask another question when a scream came from the rear of the store. The storeowner raced to the back with Dusty and Dee only a half-step behind.
A young woman held her hand out, staring in horror at the blood dripping from a deep cut.
“Daphne!” The older man raced to the young woman but Dee moved faster, seeing a patient in need of her help. She had already rounded the counter, snatching up a clean, folded cloth. She pressed it rmly against the cut.
“Get my bag.” She tossed the words at Dusty, not bothering to look up. “You’re going to be okay,” she assured the young woman. “Let me examine your hand.”
“W-who are you?” The girl tried to shrink away but Dee had hold of her wrist.
“Let go of my girl!” The owner tried to grab Dee’s arm, but Dusty stopped him.
“She’s a doctor. Let her check the girl out.”
“A doctor? She’s a woman, and a strange one at that.” Dusty held the man’s shoulder and inspected him closely.
The man stared at Dee’s jeans and his daughter’s bloody hand with the same fascinated horror. Dusty eyed Daphne warily; the girl cowered behind the counter, weeping as Dee examined her wound.
She wore a long dark skirt and a high collared, long- sleeved white blouse. Pretty, until the blood ruined the fabric. The shop owner’s shirt appeared to be linen and sported a high, banded collar. His large apron covered his trousers. Had they found an Amish village? No, there wasn’t one this close to D.C. that Dusty could recall. The clothing worn by the other men on the street also looked like something out of an old photograph.
He stepped between the women and this strange man.
“My name is Dustin. This is Doctor Stevens. She’s not going to hurt Daphne. What’s your name?”
Author Bio and Links
Donna writes science fiction, paranormal and small town romances about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love.
Now that she has retired from going into an office every day, she created an office at home and writes full time. Talk about living the dream!
She was the girl at the party who was yearning for the quiet corner and a book to read (go Rory Gilmore!), and has been writing in her head since she learned to read. Getting those stories down on paper (or in her laptop) has been more fun than she ever imagined it could be.
The possibilities of science fiction have always drawn her and she’s read them all, there just needed to be a little more romance in them. She finally got up the courage to write them herself and is delighted to be able to share these stories with you.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. She can be reached at

Welcome Author Kayelle Allen

Top Ten Tips for Dating an Immortal
When you date an immortal, it's not like dating a regular guy. This goes for all types of immortals, including fey folk, vampires, the undead, alien immortals, and genetically enhanced warriors such as the Ultras in my Bringer of Chaos series. Often, immortals have lived hundreds if not thousands of years, so here are ten tips to keep in mind.
  1. Immortals value time, but not in the way that you do. Depending on the era he was born in (among other things), he may never pick you up on time, or he may never be late. Whichever way it goes, accept it as the way he is and try to deal with it. Which brings us to point two...
  2. If the guy you're dating is an Ultra, don't expect him to change overnight. They were genetically created to be "set in their ways". Habits of a year or two are hard to break. Imagine changing habits ingrained at birth and then developed over millennia.
  3. Expect to be showered with gifts. Many immortals have accumulated wealth over the centuries and may think nothing of spending a few thousand on a trinket for the one they love. Immortals do not give zircons - they prefer diamonds.
  4. It's okay to give your immortal gifts. Weres might like a nice brush for their coat (especially if you spend time using it on them - they love being touched in a sensual way) and the rumor that dragons love shiny things is true. Be careful about giving flowers to certain types of immortals. Vampires might equate flowers with gravesites and some weres might think you're offering them a snack.
  5. Don't take it personal if your immortal tells you what to do. While immortals are likely to believe you know what you're doing -- they tend to see everyone as babes next to them. Just be firm but polite about not needing help unless you ask.
  6. Be aware that if your immortal is a shapeshifter, you might need dress in layers. Why? If you date a guy who can shift into dragon form and expects you to hop on his back and hang on while he flies you to another location, it helps to pack a sweater.
  7. On the subject of clothing, consider not wearing T-shirts with certain slogans or icons. For example, if you're dating an immortal from mythology, donning the latest Avenger T-shirt with Thor's hammer on the front might not get rave reviews. Not all the gods and demi-gods saw him as a hero, you know. ;)
  8. If your immortal shapeshifter is a fire-breather such as a dragon, fire god, certain aliens, or a victim of cosmic radiation [Human Torch anyone?], watch certain phrases, especially ones such as "light my fire" or a passionate "get me hot, babe." Some shapeshifters tend to be literal-minded when it comes to their abilities.
  9. Special note for dating immortal weres: if they have an alternate shape than entails fur, carry a lint brush and avoid complaints about "shedding." 'Nuff said.
  10. Be prepared to have sex. Immortals love sensuality and sexually attuned women. Okay, now that I think about it, this point works with any guy.

Excerpt from Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen

In this excerpt, Pietas and the search party sent to find him have become lost and have walked for hours. When he realizes they're near a summit that will allow him to see the valley they searched for, he heads for it. Joss, a telepathic warrior he loves tries to keep him from going, insisting she has a better vantage point. He recognizes it as an evasion.

"Joss. The truth this time."
While she studied him, he remained motionless. The gentle prod of her mind across his shields reminded him she'd seen his thoughts despite his best efforts. Or perhaps she'd allowed him to be aware. In the past, he'd noticed such intrusion during training but not outside it.
"Pietas, if you want to see the caldera from this point, I can't stop you, but once you see what's out there, you can't unsee it. I want to spare you the devastation until you've had a chance to see the good side. If I take you in through the pass you can appreciate the true beauty of this place first. Maybe come up with a way we can make it work here. Survive."
According to Joss, half a million of his people lay in helpless cryosleep within lifepods on the other side of that hill. Over three thousand pods had been damaged beyond saving. The frozen immortals within them shattered.
A short hike above, the summit waited. In two short minutes he could see for himself. "How long would your route take us?"
"Less than a half hour."
Once more, the short distance to the actual summit drew his attention. How many steps?
"Pi?" Six nudged him. "Is that even a blink in the life of an immortal?"
"No, ghost, it's not." How grateful he was for this man. "Besides, I'm patient."
His sister scoffed. "You?" Turning to the twins, she pointed at Pietas. "That is not my brother."
No, he was not. He was far better. His sister could see the change. Why would she not accept it? Resisting the urge to respond with cynicism, Pietas shut his mouth.
He indicated the route Joss wanted to take. "Let's go your way."
"Thank you for listening to me." Joss took Pietas by the hand, reached up, and dragged a fingertip down the cleft in his chin. "This place is stunning. I hate that so much of it will be spoiled by our being here."
"Why? Has Mother released environmental impact studies?"
"No, she--" The look Joss sent his way resembled pity. "You'll see. Not far now."
"You've been saying 'not far' for hours. Did I not teach you to mark trails?"
"I'm sorry, Pietas. It won't happen again."
Oh, but it would. She wouldn't meant to, but it would. He'd tried for centuries to teach her how to find her way, to no avail. He kissed her cheek and drew her into his arms, savoring her warmth.
"Joss." He placed his mouth near her ear. "You couldn't find your way out of a round room with one door."
She jerked up her head and looked at him, eyes wide.
"And I adore you for it."

About Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire
What if you were a soldier marooned on an undeveloped planet?
What if you had no food and few survival tools? What if you'd been genetically engineered? No matter how agonizing the wound, you survive. No matter how you die, you come back.
It could be worse. You could be here alone. But that's the problem. You're not.
On one hand, there's a tribe of sentient panthers who protect you. Although you hate humans, the one who was dumped on this planet with you has become a trusted friend. The beautiful telepathic warrior you've loved since forever is at your side.
On the other hand, half a million people who depend on you are trapped inside stasis pods, waiting for you to save them. It wouldn't be so bad if you could wake up a few at a time. But the traitors who abandoned you and your followers set the timers to release all half million.
At the same time.
You're facing an ecological disaster and over five hundred thousand hungry, thirsty, homeless immortal warriors.
Worse still, before you can build shelter, figure out how to grow food, or set up a government, you must take back command from a ruthless enemy you've fought for centuries.
Your brutal, merciless father.
Talk about being forged in fire...
Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever.

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire has no profanity or explicit content, but lots of angst, a little humor, some sweet romance, and a ton of betrayal with plenty of vengeance. Oh, and let's not forget--one ginormous black "kitty".

Publisher Romance Lives Forever Books
Genre science fiction with romantic elements, action adventure
Heat rating PG13
Available for preorder on Amazon Nov 11-Dec 28. Purchase on Dec 29, 2017
Free on Kindle Unlimited

Follow Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen writes Sci Fi with misbehaving robots, mythic heroes, role playing immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She's a US Navy veteran and has been married so long she's tenured.
Romance Lives Forever Reader Group
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Cover Reveal~ Everwylde by Donna Grant


Everwylde, an all-new paranormal romance from Donna Grant is is coming April 16th!

Everwylde Cover2 v300dpi.jpg

Everwylde by Donna Grant Genre: Paranormal Romance

To live in the light, they hunt in the dark…
Strong-willed and cunning, Ravyn was taken in as a child by a group of witch Hunters who raised her to be the best of the best. When she receives word that the witch who murdered her mother and ripped apart her world is nearby, Ravyn begins her hunt. In her quest to locate the witch, she finds her hunt impeded again and again by a gorgeous and powerful man. But she won’t be denied and intends to do whatever is necessary to complete her assignment. But the Coven is more dangerous than ever, and Ravyn may not be enough to thwart their latest endeavor.
Despite his bravery, Sir Carac is content to spend his days in the tavern when he’s not leading his men. But when a skirmish breaks out that threatens the marquis’ precious holdings, Carac is sent to the front lines to head off the attack. He suddenly finds his mission changed after he's approached by the most spirited and beautiful woman he has ever seen. But trust doesn’t come easily to the spitfire, and his loyalties make it hard to do anything but follow orders. It’s soon apparent that priceless antiquities are only the beginning of what they’re fighting for―and what they stand to lose.

Preorder Today!

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About Donna:

Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae. She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding. Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, four cats, and one long haired Chihuahua. 

Donna Grant.jpg

Connect with Donna:

Text text DRAGONKING to 24587
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Today we'd like to share a short Christmas story as a gift to all our readers.
Angelica Hart and Zi
The air snapped with cold, enormous faux candy canes bracketed the city streets along with various wreaths of garland while a festive din dominated in snatches of chatter that could be overheard yet not understood. Jeffrey Bains' jovial step mirrored the sentiment all around him. It was the season that spontaneously stirred, and he anticipated it with the zeal and delight of a child despite his thirty-some odd years. Once the turkey crowned the dining table at Thanksgiving until that baby new year let out a squeal, Jeffrey was well-bitten. But why? Or perhaps more appropriately phased, ready to bite. It was cookie time!
Only during the holidays did Jeffrey let go of his rigorous dietary routine, why, the sojourn to find, yes, the perfect, most decadent, aromatic, Santa pleasing, tummy satiating Christmas cookie. Friends, especially Eric, his bright, inventive, young accounting apprentice understood cookies replaced something deeper. That deeper something Jeffrey missed around the holidays more than at any other time was a family.
He was the last of his linage and oft filled his time volunteering in every capacity possible. Giving back to his community was either subterfuge or displacement to hide his loneliness, but as good as he felt, service to humanity didn't trump children, siblings, parents, or... His perpetual smile never revealed the secret ache of longing to find the her, the she, the one. But many knew, and many tried the ole set-up game. He heard do I have a girl for you, to the point of cringing. Jeffrey was good-natured about it, despite not have bad-date insurance, but after so many ill-timed, ill-suited, ill-looking, ill-gotten, ill-fated dates, most friends eventually savored the bitter taste of discouragement.
Eric walked with his boss to the parking lot after work and suddenly announced, "I know where the best... the best Christmas Cookie can be found."
Jeffrey's face was slapped with befuddlement. He quipped, "No way!" He asserted, "I've eaten cookies before you knew what milk on Santa's beard looked like."
"Seriously," he reflected sincerity, "I've heard about this place from my dad's Uncle Sal twice removed."
"He worked for a bakery and ate so many cookies, he was removed, hired again and, yes, once more removed."
"Ah, a connoisseur."
"Go to Maria's Christmas Café by eight o'clock tomorrow morning, talk to the owner and ask for One Sweet Cookie." Eric slapped his shoulder.
Jeffrey securitized Eric, considered his seriousness, for no one was ever serious about his seasonal cookie obsession. Alas, maybe, he found in this young apprentice, a comrade, one who understood man did not live by over-iced cake alone.
The next morning, Jeffrey arrived at the café early, identified the owner by her nametag, made eye contact and repeated what Eric had instructed.
Eyes bright as sugar sprinkles, she pointed to a counter stool. "You wait right here," she said with a twinkly wink.
About to order coffee to go with the anticipatory treat, he was distracted by a woman with outlandishly wild, near black, curly hair, a delicate expression and a decisively lilting laugh, it oddly prompted by a nearby rambunctious child tripping and then splattering a chocolate éclair on her expensive looking winter-white skirt. "You're good," she said, righting the little girl, anticipating concern.
The young one looked at the ruined skirt and lost chocolate and custard treat, forlornly. "Sorry."
"Awwww, thank you, Sweetie," the woman said and handed the child her over-sized oatmeal raisin cookie. "My skirt ate your treat, might as well eat it's cookie." She jostled the fabric and growled.
The child giggled and dashed back to an unaware mother.
Jeffrey handed the fetching lady who waft of cinnamon a wad of napkins, wishing he was of the handkerchief generation, more gallant, but it was flu season, maybe not. "You took that well," he said, noticing her seasonal red high heels, ankle bracelet set on shapely calves and a skirt a tad hiked, triggering the rakish boy. He sniggered as would an adolescent, thinking cream all over her.
One corner of her mouth rose, noticing his eyes and with fluffy tones she said, "Skirts can be cleaned!" Then she hesitated acquiescence, "but that cookie was my favorite."
"Buy you another?"
"No... No... Okay." Infested by child-like mannerisms.
They both laughed, and neither knew why.
"Although, " she continued while waiting in line with him, "that could have been the one."
"The one what?"
"The best Christmas cookie of the season. It had a nice delicate scent, not too much cinnamon, and it was the perfect size, big enough to fill but not stuff. I might not find another like it."
Astonished, another cookie bon vivant, he grilled her about cookies unable to help himself, and her responses were quick, intelligent, a woman of cookie cunning. Attractive, charming, adaptable, and cookie sensitive. Yes, she stole his imagination and for one brief fleeting moment, dare he hope that this woman was the her, the she, the one?
"Jeffrey Bain," he finally introduced himself.
She tilted her head. "Eric's boss?"
"You know Eric?"
"He's my cousin, twice removed."
"From the bakery?"
"No, that's Uncle Sal. This is his sister Maria's café."
Jeffrey now understood Eric's previous serious look, now identified as one of stealth, he admired that, but flashed to pondering from where and why he had been fired.
"Eric spoke of you." Her eyes held admiration. "The good guy... is handsome." She swung her shoulder in that way all women have opening to him.
His modesty and humility eclipsed her doting. "Eric!!!" That red hue of unexpected embarrassment on a strong man was charming. He glowed with a meaningful purpose and adoration for life and its abundance. She held out her hand, and he folded it in his own, warmth unlike that he had ever known engulfed him, it wasn't the heat of just sensuality but of budding romance. "And I'd like to get to know you... ummm... What is your name?"
She smiled that smile of fantasy and magic. "Cookie."
We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at (Write - Blog Dawn - in subject line) and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a free ebook (choose erotic or romantic thriller) and add you to any future mailings.

Angelica Hart and Zi ~ Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane - -

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Book Blitz- Masked Heart by Calli Hall/Giveaway

MH banner 1 

  Title: Masked Heart 
Author: Calli Hall 
Release Date: November 28th 2017 
Publisher: RAWmance Publishing 
Genre: Gay romance, Historical

 Masked Heart ebook 

Benedict, Duke of Lexerton, faces a problem. After his brother’s sudden passing, he is confronted with the necessity to find a spouse. Trying to fulfill his obligation at the events of high society, he repeatedly encounters a strange woman. Who is this mysterious Madame P. and how is she connected to his brother’s death? A gay historical thriller about forbidden passions, power and a deadly secret society.

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How long had he been in the dungeon? How long had it been since his darkened eyes had seen anything other than his dark cell? Too long. Long ago, after his voice had broken, he had given up the screaming, which had echoed back to him from the halls of this Hell. Unheard. Now he had become like his guards, deaf to the suffering that reached his ears. He didn’t hear it at all anymore, didn’t feel the cold that ate through his bones, nor the hunger in his stomach. The rustling of the rats, the disgust at these vermin, the thirst that burned in his throat: all of this he had learned to suppress. Only the stink in his nose had eaten into him worse than the scar on his face. He had always been sensitive to smell. Since his early childhood it had been his most highly developed sense. He used to dream of becoming a perfume maker and of creating the finest scents. He twisted his mouth ironically. Look how far these senseless dreams had brought him. He had been waiting for his execution for months. The hope from the first week of the trial and the belief he could prove his innocence had died. They were as dead as he soon would hopefully be. Long was he beyond the phases of blind rage, hate of the unknown person, who he had to thank for all of this, as well as sadness, hope, and doubt. He only desired the rope that would free him from this dungeon, in which a small piece of his soul broke night after night. Thunder rumbled overhead. He only guessed at the following lightning. Not even that found a way in to illuminate his forced home. The blackness held him with an iron grip. Bored, the prisoner broke a piece off the moldy edge of his bread. The furry nose of his roommate immediately appeared through a crack. It sniffed in every direction before the small animal made its way to him, careful and alert. What irony. This rat and he now had the same status in the eye of society. Not much was left to differentiate between them. Both of their daily lives consisted of the hope for a little moldy bread. The squeaking of the cell door scared the dirty brown animal away. He didn’t react to it anymore. It was too late in the day for his guards to have remembered to bring him something to eat or to take him to the gallows. Bile wanted to rise up in his throat. Quietly he balled his bony hands into fists to try to suppress the familiar shaking. He had learned not to defend himself when they set upon him, to just close his eyes and hope that it would be over soon. On his first night in this Hell he had given up prayer, on the second night begging for mercy. However this time it was not the smell of cheap schnapps that filled his tiny room. It was as if he were suddenly standing on the deck of a ship in the eye of a storm. He could feel the powerful waves beneath him, how the ship swayed, how the rain hit him in his face and the wind tugged at his hair. Instinctively the prisoner shook his head to shoo off the bittersweet delusions his nose was giving him. Never again would he stand on the planks of a ship. The stranger stood quietly in the doorway. An icy watcher was eying the prisoner’s back. Even if he couldn’t see him, he still felt him and how the sharp look penetrated beneath his cracked skin into his deepest chasms. However, for him the eyes were not his most important means of recognizing people. Rain and sea. He tasted its scent on his tongue. Interested, his tired eyes rose to meet the visitor.

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Author Bio:

Ever since Calli was released into the world in 1986, she's  been driving everyone around her crazy. She spends the nights in a bed of books, fighting with her dog Toby for the blanket. As she lost the fight once more, she started writing, because the TV program at 3 am is simply awful. She's a huge fan of Gay Romance and Yaoi Mangas, so she knew exactly what she wanted to write about, and her sister Carla reads the midnight creations pretty willingly. However, if the guys don't get their happy ending, she'll beat Calli until there's enough sugar in the story (and the happy ending). Covered in bruises and tired, she hopes you'll enjoy her books as much as Toby enjoys his place in Calli's bed.

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Welcome author Tina Gayle today

Please give a warm welcome to author Tina Gayle today as we talk about her latest release, Marketing Exec's Widow.

1. What started your interest in writing?
I enjoyed creating stories in my head when I was a child. Then to get me reading, my mother introduced me to romance novels. I fell in love with them and dreamed of some day writing love stories. I can’t imagine writing anything else because I’m an optimist. I love the happy ending.

2. What is your book(s) about?
I like to write story that address the issues and problems that women face, but I also like the emotion and excitement with falling in love. I work hard to blend the two in the hopes of creating a story that I enjoy and that will appeal to my readers.
3. What do you do when you’re not writing?
As much as I’d like to say I am doing fun and exciting things, I’m a normal person who cooks and cleans.  For fun, my husband and I love to travel and play golf.  We live in a beautiful country and have some awesome natural parks. We have visited most in the western states, just need to get to the east coast now.
4.What genres do you write in?
We a number of pseudonyms, I have written romances in a number of genres: action adventure, syfy, spiritual, suspense, murder/mystery, young adult, erotic romance, erotic mysteries, westerns,
5.Is there anything you would tell aspiring writers?
First, I’d ask why are they writing? If it’s to get publish, then learn everything they can about the business before they write the book, because they may find it is not what they believe it to be. Second, if they are writing for the love of writing. Then write, don’t worry about getting publish, write. The publishing part of it can always come later. Learn the craft first, and be happy with doing the best job you can at writing.
6. If you write a series do you reread your previous books before you begin the new one?
It depends on how long ago that I wrote the prior book in the serie. Most of the time, I don’t have to read the prior stories. I’ve lived my characters lives and know what they have been through. The details are what needs to be checked, like dates, scenery, names of certain places.   
7. What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you?
I had a book that I’m reworking called Tainted Rose. It is a romantic suspense about four women who live in a 55+ community in Sitwell, AL.  I am working on cleaning it up and hope to submit it to Random house. It has taken longer than I expected for it to come together but won’t give up until it’s available to readers.
8. When and where do you like to write? Are there any favourite places you like to go?
I like best to write in my office. It is a bedroom in my house where I have my desk, writing books, find inspiration, and feel at home. I normally, tried to write after lunch. That way, I get all my errands run and email taken care of, giving me the ability to focus just on my writing.
9.What has been the defining moment in your career that made you think “Yes, I am now a writer!”?
My first defining moment was when I sold my book “Pregnancy Plan” to The Wild Rose Press. It confirmed for me that I was a writer and had what it takes to be an author.
10. If a movie or TV production company chose to produce your books into a series of shows or movies, who would your ideal cast be?
This is an interesting question because my son works in live theater so I know a number of unknown actors who I’d love to see in a production of my books. My book “Summer’s Growth” is one I’d like to see Sandra Bullock and George Cloony as Mattie and Quincy. Then fill the rest of the cast with actors and actress that I know personally. Would make for an interesting adventure. Here’s to it happening some day.
Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog and I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season,
Tina Gayle

Executive Wive’s Club Series

(Contemporary romance with strong women fiction elements)

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

"Marketing Exec’s Widow”
Book 1 Blurb-

Letting go and rebuilding a life comes at a price.

Having come to terms with losing her husband, Jennifer is ready to move on, but she faces opposition from her friends, in-laws, and brother-in-la. He see himself as her future husband. None of them know of Jen’s marital problems and she is afraid of their reaction when they learn she has a date for Friday night?

Hagan Chaney is not anything like Craig. He tempts Jen into the future but is she willing to give love another chance after the heartache she faced the 1st time around?

Excerpt –
“Thank you.” Jen tilted her head and narrowed her gaze. His tall, lean form topped hers even with three-inch heels on, a welcome rarity from the men she usually met. In addition, he had strawberry-blond hair, a known weakness of hers. The reddish-gold locks danced along the collar of his black shirt, teasing her with the idea of running her hands through the thick mass. Her fingers twitched. She dropped her gaze. Tight jeans covered a round, squeezable butt. Hot awareness suddenly sizzled, stunning Jen with its power. She knotted her hands into fists and fought the unwelcome attraction.
No way, I’m his real estate agent, not his date for the evening. And it’s only been four months since...
 “Elkhorn’s main street isn’t large, but the Little League baseball field and the restaurants should attract people to the area.” Hagan’s dark brown…no, hazel, his eyes were hazel she realized abruptly when his gaze met hers. He cocked a brow. A sexy smile teased the corner of his lips. Oh, darn, the man had nailed her ogling his backside.
Heat burned her cheeks. The air between them sizzled. Goose bumps popped out on her arms. Her internal timer ticked off each day she’d gone without sex—well over a year.
His smile grew wider and visions of his mouth melting onto hers slammed home the impossibility of the situation.
Give it up, girl. It’s not happening.
She swallowed and searched the room for a distraction, some way to gain control of her raging hormones and maintain the professional image she’d strived so hard to develop the last five years. “I agree. It is in a great location.”

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An author with over 30 books, Tina Gayle writes in a number of different genres: Romantic contemporary (as Tina Gayle) and  Erotic Romance. Her books range from contemporary, paranormal to mystery and suspense
As an indie author, she has worked hard to have a social presence and reach her readers. You can visit her website and read the 1st chapter of any of her books.  Or you can download a free ebook and join her newsletter group.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Spotlight and Giveaway~ Menage in Paradise

Discover the sexy Menage in paradise by Anya Summers and don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post for a chance to win a $15 Amazon/BN gift card from the author. The tour is sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions and you can find all the stops on the tour HERE

GENRE:  Erotic Romance
Series: Pleasure Island

Ian has wanted Olivia from the moment they first met. They shared a torrid one-night-stand in Scotland a year prior and never spoke of it again. Now they are business partners, and Ian has plans to woo Olivia back into his bed permanently.

Eric Thomas is a drummer from the superstar rock band, The Harbingers. When he meets Olivia, he knows there’s something different about her. He wants her – and not just for the night.
But when the two Doms cause a stir with their antics on Pleasure Island as they each attempt to win Olivia, they will be forced to contemplate another means of attaining their prize. Can they convince Olivia to experience the fantasy of a ménage with them? And will what happens on Pleasure Island stay that way?

Publisher’s Note: While this steamy ménage is part of the bestselling Pleasure Island series, it can be read and enjoyed on its own.


One mistake. One teensy error in judgement had changed everything.

The deed that she was trying fervently to forget never should have happened in the first place. But it had. Choices had consequences, even drunken choices. And since Olivia didn’t own a time machine, nothing could change that fact. Once they’d tangled in the sheets together, their friendship evolved—and not for the better.

It didn’t matter that it had been without a doubt the hottest night of her life, or that she’d not known how hot his fires burned. Their lovemaking had scorched the very fabric of her soul. Ian was normally so staid and stoic, which made the night all the more memorable and the walls erected between them since all the more daunting.

The man infuriated her. He’d hurt her—or her heart, anyway. That had been the most unexpected thing, considering Olivia didn’t do feelings and tended to skedaddle once emotions came into play. In her life, love had been used as a weapon. The scars she bore on her soul attested to how insidious the barbs and arrows of emotions could be.

So Ian didn’t want her help. Big surprise there. The difficult man snarled at her for even offering him aid.

Silly. Stupid even of her to try and offer assistance after the past year. Their relationship could be defined as stilted, forced, and foreign, even. Like they were two strangers attempting to divine the other’s moods. Wary beasts wondering when the next loaded barb would pierce their heart.

Regret weighed her down as she ascended the stairs—holding on to the rail as the vessel dipped and swayed—into the blinding sunlight. Slipping her sunglasses into place, shielding her gaze, needing to hide the ache in her chest, she ignored the rest of the passengers as she traipsed across the boat deck. Olivia wasn’t in the mood to be social. There would be enough of that forced on her over the next two weeks, where every moment she would have to pretend she wasn’t hemorrhaging internally from wounds no one saw.

The next two weeks would make or break them.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Anya grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Anya never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.

Anya is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance under the name Maggie Mae Gallagher. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the Midwest with her two furry felines.
Visit her website here:

Visit her on social media here:

Twitter: @AnyaBSummers


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