Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome Lena Hart today

10 Heartfelt Gifts for Your Valentine + Excerpt
By Lena Hart

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach

I’m excited to guest at Dawn’s Reading Nook and would like to especially thank her for having me!

St. Valentine’s Day is only two days away. Known as the day to express your love and affection, it’s not too late to get that special someone a gift from the heart. Here are ten unique gifts that your loved one will surely appreciate. Remember, each gift should come from the heart so let your imagination run wild!

Unique Valentine Gift Ideas:
1. Framed Love Poem (make it special by writing your own love poem)
2. Personalized Pillowcase (with your names or picture)
3. Customized Coupon Book (like a full body massage from you)
4. Romantic Movie-Night Basket
5. Vintage Lock & Key (keep the lock, give away the key)
6. Love Messages in a Bottle (remind them how you feel with a message for every day)
7. Chocolate Candy Jar or Tin
8. Orchid Plant (symbolizes love and beauty so this year skip the roses)
9. Picture Slideshow or Movie (of just the two of you!)
10. A Love Story – or Romance Novel J

And speaking of romance novels, here is an excerpt from my debut novella, Because You Love Me. The story is about Sabrina Monroe and Jake Landon, who are caught in a tug of war between love and trust. A hurt Sabrina wants nothing more than to forget about Jake and the fierce love they once shared. A wary yet determined Jake wants to bury the past and start anew. With Jake determined to gain back her love, Sabrina is left longing for his trust. In a fight for “all or nothing”, they’ll soon discover that even an imperfect love can triumph over all.

Excerpt from “Because You Love Me”:
“How late will you be here tonight?”
“Not long, maybe another hour or so. I think I’m going to take some work home so I don’t have to be here past midnight.”
Through the years, he’d gotten used to her late nights at work. He’d never understood why a slide presentation or brochure required anyone to work past six but evidently it did so he’d learned to stop asking. But he made it a point to call her every night so that he was the last thing she thought about when she went to bed.
“I can hang out and give you a ride home.” She was shaking her head before he even finished his offer and for some reason that irritated him. “Why not?”
“I’m going to take a car service home so you don’t have to hang around here and be bored.”
“I don’t mind.”
“Well I do. You’ll just distract me and then I’ll get nothing done.”
He smiled at the thought that he had the same effect on her as she did on him. “It goes both ways, babe. But I wouldn’t mind a little distraction.”
He started slowly advancing toward her, gradually backing her up against the wall.
“Oh no, Jake, don’t even think about it.”
“I won’t,” he drawled then reached for her.
Tilting her head back, he fitted his lips against hers. She gasped and he swallowed the soft sound, taking in all she had to offer. He slanted his mouth over hers, savoring the soft textures of her lips, drinking in her sweetness.
Her hands dug into his chest as he continued his tender assault. The kiss was hot and wet and thoroughly arousing.
He wanted nothing more than to hoist her up against the wall and lose himself in her. Instead, he pulled away from her as he gathered his senses. She laid her head against his chest, her hands twisted in the rough material of his shirt.
“You OK?”
Her slow nod felt like a caress. He placed a hand under her chin and lifted her face up to his.
The desire in her eyes beckoned his and at that moment he forgot about his promise.
“I want you,” he whispered huskily.

Buy "Because You Love Me" here:

Lena Hart’s debut novella, BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME, is currently available and her next novella, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE will be released by Secret Cravings Publishing this spring. To learn more about Lena and her work, visit www.LenaHartSite.com or find her rambling at scatblogging.blogspot.com   

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