Book Spotlight & Giveaway~ A Prince's Ransom

Today we are spotlighting Mary Newman's A Prince's Ransom. Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post for a chance to win an e-copy of the book from the author. The contest closes on April 18th, 2016. The tour is sponsored by Pride Promotions.

Now let's check out Mary Newman's A Prince's Ransom....

Publisher: Mary Newman
Cover Artist: Catherine Dair
Release Date: March 25, 2016

Prince Itu Graus thought coming out in front of the entire royal court was bad. Being exiled by his father to the frozen wastelands where he struggled just to survive was harsh.
But, running for his life is so much worse.

His planet invaded and the royal family assassinated, Itu leaves his world one step ahead of a death squad. Hiding from those who want him dead and just trying to survive are now his only goals.

Loka Chalce is known as a trader who travels the galaxy to buy and sell goods, but he has a secret life known only to a few as a licensed enforcer for the Interplanetary Council. When a contract comes across the com for a deposed prince who is running directly towards those Loka loves, he only stops long enough to be certain it is genuine before accepting the job.
But what happens when the man you have been hired to keep from ever returning to his world turns out to be someone you would much rather protect?

Pages or Words: 139 pages

Categories: Fantasy, M/M Romance

“Not getting in the middle of an established relationship, Salio,” Loka grumbled. “Stop matchmaking. You and Bira are terrible at it.”
“Fine,” Salio huffed. “Find your own boyfriend. I was only being helpful.”
“This discussion is over with,” Loka stated, flatly.
“Uncle Loka, will you help me move another bed from the storage room out to the guest house?” Alor asked as he stepped through the back door. “We can put one in Pop Pops old office and move the desk and chair out.”
“Well, well,” Salio looked at him, eyes gleaming. “I guess that answers that question.”
“Shut it, Salio!” Loka growled, pointing a thick finger at her. “I don’t need or want your help.”
Salio’s laugh was pure evil as she flounced towards the front of the store.
“Hey, Bira, guess what?” she called out.
Loka sighed and scrubbed his face with both hands.
“Oh man, Uncle Loka, you better run now. They’ll have you married and settled before morning,” Alor cackled.
“Gods, why can’t they keep their wedded bliss to themselves?” Loka grumbled. “Come on, Alor, let’s go haul out the desk and chair first.”

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Meet the author:
I’m a self-published writer of stories set on worlds that live only in my mind. If you think it can’t happen, well, I do my best to prove you wrong. I mainly write romance because I like to take the most unlikely of couples (or trios) and give them a happily ever after. My characters quite often pick up the personalities of my family and friends – which can lead to the most interesting of conversations, believe me.
I live in the wilds of Northeast Oklahoma with Mija, a rescued hound of unknown mixed heritage, and a rose point Siamese named Kiko who delights in tormenting both Mija and me when we’d rather be relaxing or sleeping.

Where to find the author:
Twitter: @writermnewman

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