My Apologies for Not Posting My "How To Write" Blog

Rather than use my creative skills to devise an ingenious excuse for why I am not posting the next installment of my "How To Write" blog, I'll just confess up front and admit that I didn't get to it this week.  My day job was unusually hectic.  Also, I took some time off for myself this weekend and spent all last night playing the "Zombies 4" board game with the Sheron clan (if it's any consolation, I kicked some major living dead butt and actually won for a change) and went to the Mall today for a much-needed clothes run.  But my slacking off is over, and I promise to post an awesome blog next week. 

And before anyone writes me to remind me of rule one, which is write every day, let me quote my mother:  "Do as I say, not as I do."


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